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October 2007

Hey Amber - I can relate to that feeling. I rememb...

10 years ago 107 Views No comments
Hey Amber - I can relate to that feeling. I remember telling people after our first trade show almost exactly what you say - you spend years getting to launch and then there's a whole new PR / Marketing / Advertising game to learn.

You're doing great to have so many press opportunities already - it will waterfall for you!


10 years ago 90 Views No comments
This week was our big 2 month anniversary! A whole two months since we launched the website and debuted at KidShow Las Vegas...I can't believe that was only 2 months ago!! I love what I am doing - I couldn't be more blessed to have this opportunity, but somehow I feel like I've been pouring my heart into this thing for years! I know I am a big thinker - I decide to do something and I never want to do it half-way. So, I've really given this my all, and I feel like there is so much more to do. I've realized that you can have the greatest product in the world, but if no one knows about it, it doesn't really matter. PR, that is the I just have to figure out how to get there!

It's very exciting that I am starting to see some results - I received an email from the nicest lady on myspace telling me that she spotted our RuffleButts in this month's edition of South Jersey Moms Magazine! She was so nice, she even offered to mail me a copy of the magazine - don't you love nice strangers! I also heard from South Florida Parenting Magazine and they are planning to feature us in their December issue, which would be great. Texas Family Magazine has us featured in their upcoming Holiday gift guide too! I'm starting to see results, but I know we need so much more. I visit other websites such as Allison Case's Hand Picked Pumpkin and I see what a fantastic job she is doing. They have lists and lists of wonderful reviews and editorials - I can see why, her products are absolutely adorable. I know we'll get there, I'm just hoping it is soon!

Okay, one step at a time, I know. We are getting fantastic reviews from moms across the country and we haven't even started to deliver our main products yet! That is more than I could ever ask for. I am going to try to take a step back today, breath, be thankful and then keep plugging away. If you have any PR recommendations for me, I would be oh so grateful!

Have a great week!

Thank you for this post. The opening comments of ...

10 years ago 97 Views No comments
Thank you for this post. The opening comments of this post caught my eye, because I've made the same comments so many times.

I guess I am in that "lost" stage right now. I know I was led to my current employer by God and I'm there for a reason. However, although I'm good at what I do, I get depressed when I think of doing accounting for the rest of my life.

I've always had a dream to write but it has not panned out yet. And now instead of just wanting to do it to make money, I want to do it to serve the Lord.

I'm trying to just remember that the Lord does things in His time, not ours. Thank you for the reminder.