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Under the weather

9 years ago 130 Views No comments
As I've said so many times before...I really try to express and share the realistic side of starting and running your own business through my experiences. I always love sharing the positives, but sometimes things are just a bit more challenging. Although things are going super well with the business right now and I am so very grateful for that, my physical body is putting up a bit of a fight! I have been under the weather for almost a week now and I am torn with guilt lying around the house (although I have to admit a little bitty piece of me is enjoying the break)! I have so much to do and so many orders to send out, but I am stuck working from the couch for today. I am really hoping and planning to get back into the office tomorrow to get all caught up, so for any of you waiting a little longer than usual for a reply, I sincerely apologize and promise I'll be back in the swing of things very soon.

Can I just add, I really can't wait to have an employee!! I absolutely love having Kristen (our RuffleIntern) on board, and I really look forward to having a full-time RuffleButts team. Someday, it will be =)

yeah!!! Good job! I am glad that you are enjoyin...

9 years ago 141 Views No comments
yeah!!! Good job! I am glad that you are enjoying Amber as much as I have. Let us know how the chart works out for you. Keep up the good work.

Get the Word Out!

9 years ago 107 Views No comments
As seen through the eyes of the RuffleIntern...
Finally, it is spring break! I could not wait to spend extra time working with Amber at RuffleButts. During my break, I was able to use my creative imagination and design a P.R. (public relations) chart for a three month quarter for RuffleButts. We decided upon a few goals for the company to accomplish withing the next three months. As we accomplish the goals, we place a cute, hand drawn cut-out of a RuffleButt in the space that coordinates with the accomplished goal. Hopefully by making the chart, it will give RuffleButts the opportunity to aim towards our highest goal, to be on a national television show; whether it be the Tyra Banks Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, or Ellen DeGeneres. Amber has already accomplished so much with RuffleButts Inc. I plan to continue helping Amber expand her company by getting the name of RuffleButts Inc. out to the world! Spread the word!--->RuffleButts!!