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June 2008

Fun and Fancy on the Fourth

9 years ago 70 Views No comments
Ruffle Intern: V

It's been pretty exciting around the office lately. New merchandise seems to be shipping in constantly and I received the first sample of my t-shirt design last week. Amber officially announced that her and her husband Mark are having a baby and I couldn't be more excited! Having a baby is a complete blessing and I can only imagine the joy having one brings. My mom to this day when she sees a baby gets this very particular look where her eyes get all big and she has this huge smile run across her face--then she'll turn to me and say, "I just love little babies". It makes me laugh every time. My mother is a wonderful woman and just so happens to be the greatest mother anyone could ever ask for :).

Something that I am looking forward to this week is the fourth of July! Every year my boyfriend's extended family has a BBQ pool party and it is always a blast. There is always a ton of delicious food and a whole house full of wonderful people. This will be my third year in attendance and I am excited to go. I hope everyone has a fun fourth of July spent with plenty of family and friends.

*Both of my sisters are in New York right now--my older sister lives there and my younger sister is there for a pre-college summer program. I miss them and I hope they have fun together on the fourth in the big city. I am so proud of my little sis for doing her thing. Love you guys!*

That's a very nice gift. :)

9 years ago 86 Views No comments
That's a very nice gift. :)

Gram's good sayings live on...

9 years ago 93 Views No comments

I am definitely one of those lucky ones with absolutely fabulous in-laws. My mother-in-law is a total doll and is full of these fabulous sayings, most of which were passed down from her mother, known by the family as "Gram". I found this saying hanging on one of her walls (along side of about 100 others, no joke!!), but this one always stands out to me, so I wanted to share. It is a saying that applies to all areas of life, but especially business. It reminds me what is truly important and why I started this business (and blog) in the first place. Thanks Gram!