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May 2010

BabyBanz, RuffleButts & Bobux GIVEAWAY!

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UPDATE (6/15/10): The giveaway has ended and we're thrilled to announce Jenn D. from Alberta, Canada (post #319) as the winner! She's been in touch with us, can't believe she won, and will be receiving her items shortly. Thanks much to all who participated!! Image of Random.Org drawing

Are you ready for this?? Three of your favorite brands are teaming up for the ultimate giveaway, an adorable outfit from head to toe! One winner will receive all of these fabulous goodies, valued at over $150:

- A White RuffleButts Ruffled Swing Top & coordinating Heart Ruffles RuffleButt Bloomer in the size of your choice ($50 value)
- Baby Banz sunglasses in the size and color of your choice, with a cool protective case ($27.50 value)
- A super cute Baby Banz sun hat and they're even throwing in some sunscreen to keep your little one extra safe ($27.50 value)
- And to top off the outfit, a pair of Bobux shoes in the style and size of your choice! (up to $48 value)

As parents, we are always trying to protect our children, while also keeping them cute and comfortable. Baby Banz is the perfect solution for just this! As studies reveal the damaging effects of UV damage, we must not overlook the need to preserve children’s sensitive skin and eyes. Get your child a pair of sunglasses from the industry’s leader in all aspects of sun protection for children 10 and under. Famous for their unique, wraparound sunglasses with the neoprene band, Baby Banz assure a comfortable, snug fit for those delicate noggins, leaving out the dangers of having sunglass arms snapping off or poking someone in the eye. Check out the entire line of sunglasses, sun hats, UV Swimwear, UV swim goggles, and new earmuffs at!

Recently spotted on American Idol and the Ellen DeGeneres Show, RuffleButts have created the must-have outfit for any trendy tot! It just doesn't get any cuter than little ruffles across your angel's rump, and with stylish Swing Tops and Precious Dresses to match, this is perfect outfit for any fun day in the sun. Available in the rainbow of fun and frilly colors, RuffleButt Baby Bloomers are the original ruffled diaper cover. With everything in the line priced under $40, they are both adorable and affordable! Founded by mom Amber Schaub, the brand is designed to spread ruffles and share smiles, while also donating a portion of profits to charitable organizations focused on children. Check out the entire line by visiting the website at!

Now that you have the adorable outfit, you must have the perfect shoes to finish it off. With more than 100 styles to choose from, we know just were to go,! Bobux shoes are the original soft-soled leather shoes that stay on with the elastic ankle system, first introduced to the world by Bobux in 1991. I-walk shoes are the newest addition to the Bobux footwear family, and like Bobux, they are made of the highest quality natural premium leather, allowing babies feet to breathe. They feature flexible rubber soles, padded insoles, and leather lining and are sure to be a favorite in your little one's collection!

How to enter:

All that's needed to enter is to complete one or more of the following activities. For each item completed, leave a separate comment on this post.

Take a look around, and and tell us your favorite product both style and color! (1 entry for each site)

Blog about the giveaway, linking to Baby Banz, RuffleButts and BobuxUSA. Then come back and leave a comment letting us know that you did. You must leave the direct link to your post! (3 additional entries)

"Like" Baby Banz on FaceBook ! (1 entry)

"Like" RuffleButts on Facebook! (1 entry)

"Like" Bobux International on Facebook! (1 entry)

Subscribe to the Baby Banz Email List (1 entry)

Subscribe to the RuffleButts Mailing List (1 entry)

Make a purchase between June 7th and June 14th from Baby Banz, RuffleButts or Bobux (5 entries)

Please note to get all of your entries counted, for each thing that you do you MUST leave a separate comment for each entry! Example, if you do something that gives you 3 entries you must leave three comments to get those 3 entries. If you do not leave separate comments per entry then your comment will be counted as one entry. We do check every entry to make sure that you did what the entry required. Your entry can and will be deleted if you do not follow the entry rules listed above.

Contest open to US and Canada residents only. Must be 18 years of age to enter. Contest ends 6/14/10 at 11:59 EST. Winners will be chosen by at the end of the contest and notified via email as well as posted on this blog. Please make sure that your email address is obtainable by RuffleButts Inc. Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize before RuffleButts Inc chooses another winner. Family members of Baby Banz Inc, RuffleButts Inc. and Bobux International are ineligible to enter in any of our contests.

How to get business funding

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One other email I received recently was from Jennifer, the owner of a successful bow company. Not only was she super sweet, she was in a position very familiar to many business owners. She has developed her business over the past 4 years, and it is growing at a rapid pace. She is a one-woman operation, and at the point where she needs to make some decisions...does she continue as is, or does she invest in the business and take it to another level. She needs the profits out of her business to support her family, so doesn't know were to get the funding to do so.

I'm sure most business owners can relate here. It is so tough to run your business with one eye on today and the other eye on 1 year from now, but that is really what is required of us. Is it the best business decision to sacrifice today to triple business in 12 months? Sounds like an easy decision, but as we all know, it really is not. There are a questions that I would have for Jennifer:

1) Where are the #s? Have you sat down to figure out what it would cost you to hire help per week? How much would you have to increase your sales to cover this cost? For me personally, this was a very tough decision when I finally gave in and hired our first employee. I wanted to do everything myself to save on the expenses, until one day I realized that me doing everything was actually costing us loss business. Now, as we have added to our team, it has become much easier for me. Do they pay for themselves in the long run? If this answer is yes, then the decision will be much easier.

2) What is your end goal? Do you want to grow the business and continue working it yourself? Jennifer mentioned in her email to me a dream of opening her own shop. If this is the goal, I would sit down and figure out what that would take. How much would you need to sell (and therefore produce) in order to make this profitable? Can you do that qty making them yourself? Would you be available to work the boutique or would you have to hire help?

3) It sounds like Jennifer has done her due diligence in researching funding. $$ is not the easiest to come by as a small business owner, especially in this day in age. I completely understand needing the profits out of your business to support your family. When it comes down to it, that's why we work in the first place. I would recommend websites such as as a great place to get ideas. This answer will be different for everyone, but really comes down to your ultimate goal/business plan and what makes the most sense.

I am definitely not an expert in business, but I am purely sharing my personal experience. What worked for me, may or may not work for you, but if one ounce of my experience helps others in theirs, then it is worth it.

For me, I am by nature, super frugal. So, when I started RuffleButts, I was trying to save every last penny. It was my worst nightmare watching the business bank account with all of those numbers listed on the debit side. I felt so much weight on my shoulders to make this work, for my own self pride, as well as for the future of my family. I was willing to do anything myself to not have to source it out and write a check. It took me about a year to understand that I needed to think much bigger. Sometimes it took me spending a little money to make more money. With that said, the decisions to spend money had to be made from a business only perspective. I am not a numbers person, but Mark certainly is, and sometimes it took him taking a basic cost, dividing that my our profit on an average sale, to come up with a break-even. This made my decisions much easier.

I'm sorry to say that I don't have any secrets here for you on funding, but I will say that with rational thought, and long-term goals, there is always an answer. If this is your dream, there is going to be a way to get there, one path just may take longer than the other. The only thing I will warn you, is to be sure that the numbers make sense 1st. Since Jennifer has already found success in her business, this decision may be easier than for some others, but as entrepreneurs, hopefully you are always on a path of growth. Just make sure you stay focused on that path and keep your compass nearby.


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One other email I received recently was from the owner of a