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I have told many people who have been emailing me ...

8 years ago 40 Views No comments
I have told many people who have been emailing me all day to see what I think - that it is NOT my place to judge - that if this is a lie which I truly don't want it to be that she needs prayers now more than ever. So much doesn't make sense. I'm very sad for her! I feel most disturbed that Christ's name was used for any possible kind of evil. That hurts me the most knowing many young believers out there or other families who were coming to Christ may be so deceived. I pray God reveals all the truth and this gets put to an end. Please Father, cast out all evil and bring truth where the darkness is trying to hide.

When I went back and looked over the photos - it is clear they are not the same baby or even real baby.

I'm very sorry that you have been involved in this at all.

Praying over this entire situation!

Deeply saddened!