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Hey Amber - oh, yes, can't we all relate. I hear l...

9 years ago 73 Views No comments
Hey Amber - oh, yes, can't we all relate. I hear lines of songs in my head all the time "I wanna quit, just be normal for a bit". It's so overwhelming sometimes and YOU have to give yourself a break b/c your energy is largely going to that little angel that is blossoming in your belly. (I'm laughing to myself, because I'm always getting comments from others to lighten up on myself - I think it's part of the entrepreneurial (sp?) spirit in us to always want to do better and accomplish more).
In the end, we have to remind ourselves that slowing down for a day or a few hours to give our souls a refresh is OK - more than OK - it's necessary.
And it sounds like we're both learning that what seems like catastrophic business issues are not, and never will be, the end of the world.
Try to remember to enjoy this time when you and your DH are still the two of you - it truly will never be that way again, and truly, it will be hard to remember what life was like before kids. :-)
You are accomplishing amazing things every day, both in your business and personal life - so pat yourself on the back and go put your feet up for the weekend (easier said than done, I know).