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This is a wonderful idea. I'm such a cynic, if...

8 years ago 86 Views No comments
This is a wonderful idea. I'm such a cynic, if that happened to me, I'd be all paranoid about it all day instead of happy!

I LOVE these ruffle butts and would love to get the pink bloomers for my mascot, but I'm afraid he (she?) might be too small for the smallest size you list (3-6 mo.) but maybe not?

I'm still waiting for her to come in the mail, just to see how big (or small) her bottom is.

I tried to send a note in the contact form on the site, but got an error, so I'm dropping a note on your blog. (sorry if that's inappropriate)

Is there any way to get an even smaller size to fit onto this little animal <-- link to toy on Amazon? They say it's 12", and I haven't gotten it yet, so I can't measure the diameter of his bottom.

Or do you think your 3-6 mo size might be small enough? Or maybe I would be able to tailor it down myself?

You can email me at margaret [at] nannygoatsinpanties [dot] com