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I hear you!<br>I can't beleive you even have a...

9 years ago 66 Views No comments
I hear you!
I can't beleive you even have a blog...I can just keep up with emails, family & the business let alone another thing like a blog.
My husband gets mad at me because I have a million emails in my inbox that I need to respond to but I just read and keep going thinking I will respond later...(just like you). He sais what I need to do is just imediately respond to each email that I read if it is pressing or not that way it will not accumulate on me making me have this overwhelming feeling of emails I need to get back to and respond. is your challenge...I am one of the people you have not responded to I am giving you one more chance...What do you think about the Pre-Golden Globe Award Boom Boom Room?
Worth it or Not Worth It????
You can email me privately if you wish.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving...and thanks for sharing little Aubrey with us...especially with that Sassy TuTu...wink, wink!
Janie Dale