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Great post Amber! I have the same story as you. As...

8 years ago 95 Views No comments
Great post Amber! I have the same story as you. Ask and you shall receive - not always when you want it to happen but when you need it to happen. If there is anything I can teach my children is to follow their hearts desires. I started sewing when I was a child, became a hairstylists, moved on to real estate (everyone does real estate LOL). Opening Learn 2 Sew has been the most rewarding thing I've done (besides being a parent). My rewards don't always come financially but I am so filled with joy passing on my knowledge to others and seeing what they do with it. And Amber, look what you have done. It brings me many smiles. And, once we are given what we desire we must say "Thank You". Your lessons have been learned. It's a great feeling!
Happy Halloween - Enjoy your moments!