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we just had our first and we live in a smaller hom...

9 years ago 69 Views No comments
we just had our first and we live in a smaller home compared to most, but here are a few things we decided we wanted and needed- and told everyone else to keep the rest because we didn't have the room (a great excuse for not accumulating a lot of stuff)

1. boppy. she slept in this for naps, it helped prop our arms up when we fed her and eventually she could lounge on it during the day to be propped up.

2. bumbo seat. it really helped her feel independent and helped with her strength and muscle control

3. bibs with snaps or that stretched over her head. the velcro is hard to deal with and sometimes the snaps are too. the stretchy ones you can just pull right over their head and the bib is on til you take it off! i got mine from

4. dishwasher container. we would be lost without this! munchkin makes a good one to put all the bottle pieces, spoons now that she's started to eat baby food and pacifiers

5. anything with lights. entertainment for hours

6. crib music player with optional lights. we have the fisher price aquarium and she's not figured out how to turn it on and off with her foot. but the lights and moving fish kept her interested and the music kept her calm until she drifted to sleep

that's all i can think of off the top of my head. contact me thru my site if you need more ideas! congratulations and good luck- it's fun!