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I think you have handled yourself very professiona...

8 years ago 97 Views No comments
I think you have handled yourself very professionally and I would refer people to your business because you are obviously ethical and honest!

Kaira, I have something to ask you. Since "B" said that "April" had holoprosencephaly, a condition DEFINED by facial abnormalities, how is it possible that the pictures she posted showed a baby who did not have even the most mild facial defect associated with Lobar Holoprosencephaly (the kind "B" said "April" had) ~ a midline cleft lip?

Look up the condition yourself if you think I'm wrong.

At the VERY LEAST, that baby should have had a cleft lip. The pictures showed a baby (doll) who did not.

I realize that some Trisomy 13 babies do not have facial abnormalities, but the HPE is a condition that is, as I said, DEFINED by facial defects.

The fact that the pictures were taken down right after someone mentioned that they were pictures of a reborn doll is suspect. The fact that the entire history of the blog was deleted is suspect. First of all, if the parents are so involved in spending time with their dying baby, why would they be blogging, reading emails & the like? Second, if there really was a baby who was dying, why would the parents delete the blog that chronicled her life/time in-utero?