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Thank you Amber for all your advice. It means mor...

8 years ago 122 Views No comments
Thank you Amber for all your advice. It means more than you know. It has been such a struggle to get a peek in this industry world and you have allowed that so THANK YOU!! I was laid off from my job due to the fact I became a mother; luckily I was starting to have this in the works so I think it was meant to be. I also have always wanted to have my own business and owned others in the past but this one I really want to make a difference for others and myself. I have a giving back section for every collection to help a children’s charity.
I hope one day to be where you are at and have all the knowledge you do and I am sure you are wanting more knowledge as well. I really believe you should write a book whether you just make an online book but I think many people would buy it and it would be so helpful. I have searched and searched for this information and it is few and far between.
Again I really appreciate you taking the time to write that information. I know it took time out of your schedule that you really don’t have. I was and am having a hard time trying to find good reps and it gave me a better perspective. If you do know any sales reps that you could refer me to that would be great. I really would like to find one that is 100% commission based but most that I talk to are not and the showroom fees can be pricey. You can also look at my website at I didn’t want to write it before because I didn’t want you to get the impression I was trying to promote my business in anyway. I just wanted honest answers and I knew you would help.
So thanks again for inspiring me!