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Amber, I just love this post! Thank you for openi...

8 years ago 89 Views No comments
Amber, I just love this post! Thank you for opening my eyes. With two kids under the age of 4 and the new biz started as well as me trying to find a full time job to support my new biz until it can support itself, I haven't stopped to smell the roses in a long time. Sean and I just had our 6th anniversary on Sunday and all we were able to do was leave the kiddos with grandma for a couple hours while we went to dinner (no movie or drinks afterward, just dinner). And now thinking about it, "just dinner" could have been a lot more special if we would have just taken the time to "smell those roses" or in my case Tulips (my favorite flowers and the ones my hubby gave me). Thanks again and I can't wait until your next post.