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Kimberlee, Thanks for your comments. Believe me,...

7 years ago 106 Views No comments

Thanks for your comments. Believe me, we were all there at one point. As for the newbie thing, I am a big fan of "faking it till you make it" with manufacturers. They don't really need to know you're new at this. Come across as confident as you can, and this will rub off on them. And, if they shy away from your lack of experience, you don't want to work with them anyway. You need to work with someone that is ready to grow with you.

As for the logo, I would HIGHLY recommend hiring a graphic designer to design this. It needs to be unique and it absolutely has to have the ability to copyright.

On the packaging, it really depends on your product here. For us, the packaging is minimal and/or retailer driven. Some of our retailers dictate how we package our goods, but overall apparel is pretty simple. On a larger product, I would recommend 1st asking your manufacture if this is something that they outsource. It is sometimes easiest to allow them to use their contacts. Otherwise, I would research packaging suppliers in the same area as your manufacturer, so you can at least coordinate the two.

Hope that helps!! I wish you all the success in the world =)