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Amber, After reading your blog I hav...

7 years ago 66 Views No comments

After reading your blog I have realized that you have lost much faith. It's sad to know that you would stoop so low to put down someone else’s business, I’ve been considering baby bloomer's for my niece and came across faith baby when you belittled their website on your blog. I have since then compared both of your products and decided to go with theirs. Thank you for showing your true colors. I feel that you are convinced their product is better than yours and you are threatened by competition. To me, a real "Christen women " will turn to God and seeks HIS advice instead of turning to other women to gossip.... I saw your ocean blue ruffle butts and it seems to me that there is something going on in the front of the little girls rufflebutt bloomers????? I have also noticed that faith baby ruffled bloomer have their ruffled all the way around. I do not believe that they are copying you I believe its a trend I have found many other sits with bloomers like "yours" !!

Eliza Ismerio