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Under the weather

9 years ago 1 Views No comments
As I've said so many times before...I really try to express and share the realistic side of starting and running your own business through my experiences. I always love sharing the positives, but sometimes things are just a bit more challenging. Although things are going super well with the business right now and I am so very grateful for that, my physical body is putting up a bit of a fight! I have been under the weather for almost a week now and I am torn with guilt lying around the house (although I have to admit a little bitty piece of me is enjoying the break)! I have so much to do and so many orders to send out, but I am stuck working from the couch for today. I am really hoping and planning to get back into the office tomorrow to get all caught up, so for any of you waiting a little longer than usual for a reply, I sincerely apologize and promise I'll be back in the swing of things very soon.

Can I just add, I really can't wait to have an employee!! I absolutely love having Kristen (our RuffleIntern) on board, and I really look forward to having a full-time RuffleButts team. Someday, it will be =)