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What an incredible, BEAUTIFUL blessing these baby ...

7 years ago 66 Views No comments
What an incredible, BEAUTIFUL blessing these baby girls are!!!!! My heart breaks (and tears fall) for the babies the parents lost---and NOTHING will ever erase that pain---but I hope these little ones will ease the heartache.

As an aside: there is an incredible organization called 'Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep' ( that will come to hospitals--for FREE--to take professional photos of infants/newborns who have either passed, or who are not expected to live much longer. Every photographer who works for the organization volunteers his/her time, does some simple artistic touch-ups of photos, and provides them at NO charge to the family.

I am a volunteer photographer for this organization, and there are thousands of us nationwide. I'm also a Mom who has experienced loss. It doesn't matter if a baby lives for a brief moment --- or if she never draws a breath --- they leave permanent footprints on our lives, and they deserve to be celebrated.

GOD BLESS this family---enjoy those babies. And--in about 15 years--I hope you remember how very much you wanted them (*grin*).