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Ohhhh Sweetie, you are incredible!<br>Your are suc...

9 years ago 123 Views No comments
Ohhhh Sweetie, you are incredible!
Your are such a honest, sincere talented lady & have such a great design/product!(the name is also just too cute!!)
Im am flattered that you even mentioned my name with these other talented souls! I have not been able to come to the computer lately. super busy like everyone else plus, all my girls home & 2 other computers down due to a nasty hacker that I hope will be long gone....(a bad creep neighbor just moved far away so I hope my girls are out of his site/ mind!!! but sorry to say computers are still right there) : (
soooo I need to regroup & focus on all my things(painting/designs/etsy/blog & soon to be web site.etc..) HOW DO YOU ALL DO IT??? Im soooo trying hard. maybe not hard enough with all the stress in my life, soooo NEW YEAR!!!!! NEW BEGINNINGS!!!!
IM so excited to have you & all the other creative caring souls out there!
I sooo need you all!
Best Wishes~
* I'll be back & look forward to so much more YOU have to offer & share!