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I know what you mean! I just had my third baby an...

8 years ago 76 Views No comments
I know what you mean! I just had my third baby and sometimes I do not know where the days go! I am a list person and every morning I make a list even if it is things I know will get done I still feel like I have accomplished so much more when I see those items highlighted off the list at night....I also add 3-4 'main' things that I want to accomplish....that does not always get done (accomplishing) but at least I know that I need to move that to the next day and then add another one or two to that day. I also have my own business so it is sometimes difficult to prioritize what gets done and when!
The one thing I know is that kids grow up way too fast and they are the most important thing and you and your business will survive, but always put your kids first!
I love your product, website, and reading your have done an amazing job! If I would have had a 'ruffle butt' I would have been ordering some stuff!

Good Luck!
Angel Taylor
Angelina's Creations