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28 years ago I became a Mom to a beautiful little ...

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28 years ago I became a Mom to a beautiful little girl. Everyday of her life ( and my son's), they were dressed as cute as they could be! When she was a baby I found darling, cotton ruffled pants to put over her diapers, under her dresses. I only found them once and it was at the S.F. Gift Center. I bought five pair. I loved them and was so happy I had them because they finished her outfits. I never found them again. I often said I should make and sell them - little girls need them! I also made my own bows to match each outfit and everyday she wore them. I was way ahead of my time, but as an interior designer, it came naturally. Today, all babies can look as cute as they can be! Hats off to you for making it happen on a very grand and successful scale. Now my new baby granddaughter can benefit from you. So happy to have found your shop. Congratulations. P.S. Your daughter is so cute-enjoy each moment as time flies by very quickly-I did and still am.