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Amber, I know exactly what you are speaking of! I...

8 years ago 70 Views No comments
Amber, I know exactly what you are speaking of! I have been in the apartment industry for 10yrs now and can not tell you how many times we have gotten complaints and all I did as a manager was follow the law and company policies. With people that didn't pay rent, etc. And now that I am going into business for myself, it makes ethics all the much more that important.

I have also had the situation happen just as you say where I start to walk off from the grocery cashier and notice I have a case of cokes under my basket that we both missed. While I could have kept going, I turned around and told them and paid for them.

It is VERY sad what happens in this world. I am currently watching 20/20 What Would You Do and it shows so many scenerios about how people react to different situations. Again...VERY SAD how people react and behave.
~Stephanie Laissle