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I am blessed by the teaching of my husband and las...

8 years ago 72 Views No comments
I am blessed by the teaching of my husband and last night he lead us through 2 John. I could not get past many things going on over the last three weeks and especially the last three days. As a Mom who has delivered high risk twice - there is NOT one mid-wife that would come near me let alone allow me to deliver at home. There is no way. It breaks my heart regardless of true or not - how badly this young person needs prayers. To use God's name and let so many people fall emotionally into wanting to help - because that is what God's children do - love on one another in truth.

God is love. Love is truth. Jesus is truth. His word is truth. Truth is the foundation of love. Love and obedience always go together. Perfect love casts out all fear!

Darkness hides from the light.

If this was all true - which I prayed it was for many sakes who might get stumbled by something this wrong if all a lie - that they would stop being hiding.

I don't know one blog that asks for prayers - Riggs, MckMama, Smith's, Kayleigh, and the list goes on that kept themselves or their children in hiding. I don't know one blog that invites people so deeply into their story that hides so much about themselves. I just kept finding that odd.

I woke up this morning and their blog is gone. I pray that God truly touches the lives of all who have been hurt by this situation.

I didn't know about the other blogger who lied about their childs disease until yesterday when this was all coming to a head. I'm deeply saddened for people who are that hurt to want to hurt others in such a deep way. I am praying that the little child hurt by their mother gets well quickly and never hurt again!

You did a beautiful job sharing the truth in love. You did not pick on anyone or handle this outside of grace.

I'm touched by your wanting to help so much - and it blesses our Father's heart that you didn't pull away but wanted to stand by their sides in love.

I too love your ruffle products and will be ordering for our precious 19 month old whose little bottom is definitely in need of your products! :)

Blessings and love,