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Thanks Robin!!

9 years ago 70 Views No comments
I must say, there is nothing like reading a posting on a random website about your creations to totally make your day! When I checked our google analytics this morning (and by the way, if you are a website owner, this program is an absolute must have!!), I noticed that we had some traffic from an iVillage message board. Being that I am also a member of iVillage (since expecting my own little bundle of joy), I decided to check it out. I was so thrilled to read the sweet posting below...

"I saw this ad in a magazine I was reading at the doctor's today, I just thought they were too cute! I'm sure there's places to buy the same thing other than this website, I just haven't found it yet. Just thought I'd share!!!

I know it sounds silly, but every time I hear from someone who appreciates my designs, it validates what I do and makes me excited to keep doing it. I am appreciative to this thoughtful woman for sharing her find! I hope others enjoy our RuffleButts too!!

If you are a fan of our products, I always am so grateful when you take the time to share your opinion with others...on blogs, message boards, and emails to your favorite magazines or websites. You would be amazed what this little posting does for a small company! Back when Kari Way took the time out of her day to recommend RuffleButts to, we had more website hits in one day than we had ever had before!! It takes a lot of time and even more work to get the word out there about our frilly designs, so I am always thrilled when something like this pops up! Thanks again to every one of you out there supporting what I do!!