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I really liked having a moby wrap. My son slept on...

9 years ago 90 Views No comments
I really liked having a moby wrap. My son slept on me for hours and I was able to get lots of work done around the house.

I agree with the bobby.

You might want to get a swing and/or a bouncer. If you can find them 2nd hand do that because sometimes babies don't like either of these items and it becomes a waste of money.

I really like using the playmat I have baby luvs and it provides entertainment from newborn up until the first year.

I also recommend a co-sleeper. I used the arm's reach co-sleeper and it was wonderful. The baby was in "arm's reach" but not sleeping in the bed with me. Although I have to admit he did sleep with me quite frequently.

That is all I can think of now. I also wrote a very funny guest post titled "Words of wisdom from one new mom to another" you can check it out here

Hope this helps!