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Aww. Sorry to hear that. Must have been horrible....

7 years ago 75 Views No comments
Aww. Sorry to hear that. Must have been horrible. But I will be honest, I couldn't help to chuckle while reading this. I'm sad to say that I've become so immune to behavior like your "gentleman friend". LOL. I'm born and raised in NYC and this happens every other hour. Not proud of that about NYC. I understand completely about your decision to raise lil Aubrey in a pretty pink bubble. In fact, that's why we chose the suburbs. My kids are hopefully sheltered from this as long as I have a say. But every now and then, the kids come to NYC to visit me at work, so I just pray your "gentleman friend" doesn't have a NYC buddy riding the same train car as my babies. LOL. Hope you feel better. Although, it was funny.