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Its strange seeing how this really took people in,...

7 years ago 84 Views No comments
Its strange seeing how this really took people in, not because they were ignorant or anything, I mean because now people have finally discovered the truth behind 'B' who was in fact the con artist Rebeccah Beushausen.
To be quite honest I am disgusted by her cruel deception and the time, feelings and prayers of others that she wasted and hurt. I feel so sorry for the families who had suffered the loss of terminally ill children or were going through a situation like the one 'B' claimed to be going through.
What also makes me sick is that this is not the first time she has scammed others. She tricked two parents who were hoping to adopt the 'Baby' she claimed to be pregnant with. When the baby was born a friend told them it was still born. Of course it had never existed. Rebeccah then told the devasted parents she was going to Europe for cancer treatment. Another Lie.
I am saying this because people need to be careful in the future, this woman and people doing similar things need to be avoided - Please be careful and get proof before being taken in by a blog or online agreement.