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Amy, that is the cutest pic of Aubrey. I hope you...

8 years ago 76 Views No comments
Amy, that is the cutest pic of Aubrey. I hope you don't mind me giving you advice...I have 4 kids so I know of what I speak (I need to write a book on this actually). In order to balance you really need to be super organized and really really prioritize the things that are important on your list. I have several lists going at one time. The short term list (next day things). The medium term list (things I would like to get done in a month or two) and then the long term list (goals for the year). You need to get all the "junk" out of the way such as things that don't give you any value. It is definitely a challenge which is why motherhood is one tough job but you are not alone and it's ok every once in a while to ask for help or bring in a sitter who can help out. No one expects us to handle it all 24/7 in perfect fashion.