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Amber, Having been through this same experience, I...

9 years ago 84 Views No comments
Amber, Having been through this same experience, I can relate. I know it can be such a drain emotionally. Yes, there are things that happen that we cannot control, but it doesn't always make it any easier to swollow. We had two bad runs with manufacturers and I can say it almost made me want to throw in the towel, especially because MY name was on the product. But in the end it made me stronger and I really did open my eyes more to what can happen in business. It isn't always bliss. When all was said and done, I'm very glad I didn't quit. Quality is always the best way to go. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Delays and back orders are common in this business, but bad product (in my opinion) can hurt you far worse. You are doing the right thing. Good luck!