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Sorry to have you stressed & all the crummy st...

9 years ago 72 Views No comments
Sorry to have you stressed & all the crummy stuff that comes with it all ~ HOWEVER *****
It is truely making you stronger! EVERY SINGLE STEP you take is a learning process! Each step is going in the right direction as long as YOUR heart & soul are in it. You learn & grow & we too are learning from your experiences from YOU sharing with us(THANK YOU!!!!)
If everything was easy, everyone would be doing it ~ & I don't think we would see such great & vairety products would you?
All this stress & trials & errors PUT FIRE underneath you (us) to drive out our best & strive to reach for better designs/products!
So in a weird way ` EMBRACE the hard times & go with it & think HOW CAN I MAKE THIS BETTER??!!$$(situation, product, help, location .... everything!)
Don't focus on so much of all the "Stress/bad" your going through but USE it & say OK.....bring it on.... Your only making me think & be better!!!! So challenge yourself while dealing with that crap! ~ I don't know if it makes sence, but i know what your going through & it stinks but You can only think positive & not let it bring you down.(but it gets the best of all of us!!) Mostly when you have family.... Its so hard to juggel it all & try your best....but just remember YOU have a great product & others support you! WE ALL WISH YOU TH BEST!!!