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Hi Amber, <br><br>Sounds cute! Personally I prefe...

9 years ago 76 Views No comments
Hi Amber,

Sounds cute! Personally I prefer it to look like a bow but be sewn in place.
Here are the reasons why I don't care for the ones you have to tie:

1. I can never seem to get them even.

2. They seem to come untied, so I am always retying through the day.

3. When going to hang the top/dress after washing I usually have to tie it to get it on the hanger and then untie when I want them to wear it again and re-tie again once it's on.
4. The presewn bow probably looks WAY better cuter than any bow I can make.

Probably way more than you wanted to know but I figured it would give you things to consider. Either way you do it, I am sure it will be adorable like all your other pieces!