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faith's owner should have told you that she&#3...

7 years ago 97 Views No comments
faith's owner should have told you that she's doing the same business with you if she was really honest. Then you may have chosen not to talk about your business details with her. this is the thing shows that she does not have good intent while talking to you. I'm one of your fan from Istanbul,Turkey and you're really different from them with your ideas as far as I can follow from your blog. You're really honest and open to everyone. I'm not christian and when I see their website I saw that their marketing strategy was built on to be a good christian, not to be a good person. But I can say that you're making something for everyone from all over the world and you're not using religion to sell your product, you're using your heart and your soul. That's why you shouldn't be sorry. everybody can see your honesty from that point