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I totally get it--finding balance and prioritizing...

8 years ago 84 Views No comments
I totally get it--finding balance and prioritizing is especially tough as a working mom. I would just like to encourage you to live in the now--planning for the future, financially and otherwise, is no doubt, smart, responsible, and necessary...but we never get those baby days back. As my oldest child gets ready to enter middle school this coming fall, I am reminded how very quickly he has grown, and how grateful I am to have given up some material comforts and income to have spent so much time with him as a baby and young child. I did choose to work part-time because I believe happy mama=happy child, but I'll never regret making him (and now my other children) my first priority after my marriage. You are an inspiration as a hard-working entepreneur, I believe you will find your perfect balance. All the best!!