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Amber... I hear you hard and clear... being an ent...

8 years ago 80 Views No comments
Amber... I hear you hard and clear... being an entrepeneur is hard and time consuming and exciting and worthwhile! being an entrepreneur mom is a different story, and if people have not been there they simply don't get it. When I started my business I made it clear to my self that my girls where my number one priority, and after that the business and after that the rest (my hubby falls in the girls category, but is often lost in the rush of days :))
Anyways is sooo hard for other people to understand, specially for other moms. They dont get why I cant go for coffee every day, or du lunch while the girls are in preschool... is hard. But at the end I know it will pay off. My mom always told me, and still tells me... what you plant right now.. all the hard work, all the sweat all the tears, that is what will become your future harvest filled with positive wonderful things.