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Customer Testimonials

Debbie H.
I received my order today and am so thrilled. I can't wait to see it on my little granddaughter when she arrives. I showed it to my co-workers who also have granddaughters and one has one on the way and they were very impressed. Once again thank you for everything.
Pipsqueaks - WA
I am so happy that I carry your product in Pipsqueaks Boutique. Your product always sells and your service to your wholesale customers is superb. Over and above all my other vendors. Thanks again for being so diligent in making Pipsqueaks look good.
Thank you so much for the dress! That was very kind of you. I was hoping to use your knit dress for my daughters one year pictures but I was able to find something else. I can't wait for her to wear this dress this summer! It will look great!

Thank you again for making this right. I really appreciate and I look forward to ordering from Ruffle Butts in the future.
Thank you so much! You are so wonderful!

I am slightly addicted to Rufflebutts - they are my one baby essential :-) Thank you again :-)
Fabulous customer service and I will definitely shop with you again!! Thanks so much!!
Thank you for passing along my feedback ;) my daughter has been religiously wearing RuffleButts since she was only a few months old ;) Your product lasts longer than the girls can wear them and she always gets compliments on her RuffleButts!!

Thanks again!
Keep Smiling!
SnapDragonsBaby - Cary, NC
The Ruffled pants arrived today -- thanks for the extremely fast service!

I also wanted to take a second to say thank you again. I've been carrying Rufflebutts in my store for maybe 7 years (I think I was one of the first wholesale customers). This was the first time I ever had a customer return something for a quality issue, not something I can say about all my lines.I really appreciate how easy you made the process!
Diane - Springfield, Tennessee
My order arrived & I'm jumping up and down. So excited. Thanks for the leggings. So sweet. My niece will go wild at the shower. Thanks so much. Will be ordering again. Her sister just found out she's due in January, so I'll need more things.
Candace - Cathy, Ontario
Hi there - just to let you know that my RufleButts arrived today. Thank you SO much, they are just gorgeous. We are taking them to Brazil and giving them to our new family members as gifts :-)
Candace - Kinston, NC
I am so pleased with my first ever order from your company. I have twin granddaughters and I purchased the fuchsia rufflebutt tights for their Valentine presents. They are so cute! I saw your ad in the mag Carolina Country, went to your web site and have been hooked ever since! My purchase today is for a new born, my great niece. I'm planning on ordering bathing suits for my granddaughters in the future. Can't wait to see my little ones in those cute suits! Thanks so much!
Karen - Waterford, ON, Canada
Just wanted to let you know that I just received this gorgeous outfit. My daughter and granddaughter will love it. The quality of the fabric and sewing is superb. Thank you for the excellent service.
Brenda - Bigfork, NC
I buy a pair of RuffleButts for everyone I know that is pregnant. Even if they end up with a boy, they enjoyed opening your RuffleButts and dreaming of their little one. It is hard to find pretty stuff anymore, everyone is in pants, we love the ruffles and bows!! I appreciate your website, as I usually wait till I am in California to purchase these to have on hand, but now I can just order from your site when I want, and this pair.... is for my daughter. : ) FINALLY!!!!! hehe Thanks so much
Bethanie - Eagan, MN
Holy buckets! Talk about the CUTEST things now have a customer for life...or until my little princess gets too big to fit into her Ruffle Butts! Fabulous product, fast shipping, and amazing customer service! Thanks a heap!
Karen - Columbus, OH
CustomerTestimonialThank you for the adorable outfit and wonderful service, Rufflebutts! We got about 20 compliments within a span of 5 minutes at a local festival, tee hee.
Robin- Dallas, TX
SO CUTE!! We just had professional pictures taken of our little tot in an adorable Ruffle Butts outfit. They turned out so well! We absolutely LOVE Ruffle Butts!
Robin- Carrolton, TX
We just received Bella's outfits yesterday, washed them and she has had one compliment after another all day long!!! I love them!! I got them all to mix and match, which they do well! I am getting online and ordering more! The quality is amazing and the special hand-written note addressed to me was some of the best customer service I've seen! Thanks so much!
Tamara - Boulder City, NV
I purchased the pink bow woven rufflebutt, the swing top and matching embroidered woven rufflebutt and a pair of rufflebutt woven pants. I love them all. My grandaughter is so cute in them. My fav is the pink bow woven rufflebut....
Joy - Oxford, NC
I can't thank you enough. I ordered yesterday and I received my order today. I have never received an order so fast. Even orders that I have placed with other companies w/ quick delivery didn't show up nearly as fast. And the order is absolutely beautiful! Thanks!!
Sally - Gold Cost, Australia
Our daughter Evie Gwen is the hit of the Gold Coast Australia after hitting the shops and the beach in her rufflebutts. We receive so many comments when she is wearing them and her gorgeous swing top and they are just perfect for our warm climate. I cant wait till she fits into her embroided fuchsia ones. Thanks so much for making such a fabulous and not to mention super cute product for our spoilt babies!
Meredith - Montgomery, IL
I absolutely love RuffleButts!! I stumbled upon your website when I was searching for bloomers for my daughter, Ainslee, to wear under her tutu for her 1st birthday. Since then, I had order some wooven and knit bloomer, crawlers, swing tops, and short sleeve shirts. I LOVE them all. My daughter gets compliments all the time. I did not think it was possible to make my sweet pea any cuter, but now she is absolutely adorable. Thank you, you have made me a customer for life...or until she out grows your sizes
Na'weh - Owings Mills, MD
CustomerTestimonialI ordered a pair of your RuffleButts before my baby was born, I was so excited to get them on her when Zoey finally arrived so I could take pictures. They are so adorable and I cant wait to get her in them again for another photo-op. Thank you for making the cutest little girl things.
Storme - Queensland, Australia
Just wanted to say thank you I received my rufflebutts! They are just as beautiful as they are on the pictures and the little long pants are even nicer than the pictures. Thank you so much for the excellent service and wonderful products, my twin girls look so cute in them.
Ferrah - Arlington, TX
Thank you so much!!! You have offically made a life long coustomer! I found the item I needed thanks to you. I am very greatful. Thanks a million. Looking forward to turning my little red head into a offical RuffleButt!
Child Style Magazine
We love ruffle butts, the best buy for any retailer! These things blow off the shelves!
Michela - Italy
CustomerTestimonialWe discovered this wonderful American brand and we ordered our first rufflebutt! This baby underwear is so chic and stylish! My baby and I always make a beautiful image here in Italy! Everybody asks me where I bought. Come on rufflebutt you're very welcome here in the land of fashion- miss only you , we bought from the internet but it will be better if you open a shop here!
Melanie - San Pedro, CA
CustomerTestimonialMy daughters modeled in a Nordstrom fashion show last weekend in California. Katarina modeled the RuffleButts red and white holiday diaper cover. My husband walked the runway with the girls and people commented that Katarina's outfit was the hit of the show!
Ashley - Henderson, NV
CustomerTestimonialHello. My name is Ashley and I am a huge fan of Ruffle Butts! I just had a Christmas photo shoot with my kiddos and thought the attached picture was adorable. Wanted to share it with you guys from one of your loyal ruffle butt fans!
Natalie - Jasper, GA
CustomerTestimonialElli Mae & Emmy Lou love their Ruffle Butts!
Leslie - Laguna Nigel, CA
CustomerTestimonialI just wanted to show you Taryn's 4 month pictures. We had them taken in her RuffleButts and everyone compliments us on how adorable the outfit was! Thanks again!
Kelly - Sherman, TX
CustomerTestimonialI just wanted to send you a couple of pictures that my daughter took in your outfit. It turned out perfect, thank you for getting it to us on time like promised!!!!
Stacy - Pearland, TX
CustomerTestimonialRufflebutts are so cute!! I just wanted to share some recent pics of Maile in her newest Rufflebutts. They are great for her portrait sessions and everyday wear. She gets so many compliments every time she wears them. I am hooked and can't wait to order more.
Sarah - Chicago, IL
CustomerTestimonialRuffleButts are so adorable!!! When it came to picture time I really wanted a picture of my 3 month old just in her diaper so we could capture every little wrinkle, but a diaper is not cute at all. But then I found your website and your adorable rufflebutts. This is my third girl, I wish that I could of have one of these for my previous two when they were babies. THANK YOU!
Gina Lee - Simpsonville, SC
Rufflebutts ROCKS!! The website, the ordering process and how quickly it all ships-just awesome. The clothes are very well made and just adorable to boot! I cannot wait to get my baby girl, Peyton, into all the rufflebutts outfits I have recently purchased for her! I hope to maybe see a winter coat "rufflebutt"ed!! How cute would that be? Until then, all your gorgeous clothes keep me occupied enough!
Amber - Vienna, WV
CustomerTestimonialOK, cute are your RuffleButts? They are so adorable on my daughter and are highlighted in some of my daughters 1 year photoshoot that I took. I know I will be ordering more of your products in the near future!
Christie - Raleigh, NC
CustomerTestimonialJust wanted to share Carson's 9 month portraits with you. The rufflebutts outfit captured her cute chubby legs and girly personality perfectly. Your clothes are so fun to wear and I could tell she enjoyed hamming it up for the camera in them. Thank you for your designs...we'll be back for more as she grows!
Angelle - New Orleans, LA
CustomerTestimonialI just wanted to share my daughter Addison's 6 month picture with you in her ruffle butt bloomers. I just ordered some more for her 9 month. I recommend them to everyone.
Linda- Cookeville, TN
My Daughter received the rufflebutts today, and she is so excited!!! Everything is so CUTE on my 8 month old granddaughter. Thank you so much.
Beryl - Chicago, IL
CustomerTestimonialThank you so much. I can tell you I will definitely be purchasing some more Ruffle Butts, I have received so many compliments. Everyone loves them!
Lynne - Boise, ID
CustomerTestimonialI wanted to pass along a couple pictures of my daughter Reagan in her Ruffle Butts outfit. We had her 8 month old pictures taken in one of my favorite outfits
Katie - St. Louis, MO
CustomerTestimonialI just wanted to share a quick photo of my sweet baby girl in her Rufflebutts. Miss Finley has 3 big brothers and I go a little overboard dressing her up in cute girly things. Rufflebutts are the epitome of cute girly clothes for my baby. I've been dreaming of having a sweet little girl for so long and when I first saw Rufflebutts while I was pregnant with my third son, I knew someday I would have a baby girl. I imagined this very picture. A toddler with chubby legs walking away from the camera with a cute little tushy!
Deborah - Eagle, ID
I recently ordered the new chocolate and pink polka dot tee and bloomers for my youngest granddaughter almost 12 mo.. The outfit is so adorable I came back and ordered another set for my eldest granddaughter age 2 in Dallas. Ruffle Butts rocks!
Christina - Fort Leavenworth, KS
CustomerTestimonialHere you go! She just looked absolutely adorable and I am in love with your products! Hope you enjoy the pictures :)
Heidi - Chicago, IL
CustomerTestimonialHere is my daughter at 3 months. We love your Rufflebutts, these are so versatile, perfect for a day at the zoo or under a party dress!
Victoria - Ewa Beach, HI
We greatly appreciate your trust in us re payment, as you kindly authorized our special embroidery order to be processed without immediate payment. Thus, receiving our order in time for her baptism in California - WOW, this type of trust is few and far in between these days, thank you! I love your appearal and accessories and can't wait to order the additional items that caught my eye! This must be done in moderation or my husband will raise his eyebrow sooner than later...........
Kris - Fargo, ND
CustomerTestimonialI just wanted to share how stinking cute my baby is in these green bloomers. Now that she's two, I pair her bloomers with some legwarmers and a tank for gymnastics. It's seriously the cutest thing ever'completely for my benefit, but cute none the less. Who needs leotards when you can wear Rufflebutts?!?
CustomerTestimonialI am so excited to find your company! You have great high quality clothes that I think every mom needs to buy. I can't wait to get my 4 year old her bloomers. They will be great on the playground at school. Thanks so much for bringing RuffleButts back!
Kelly S.
Just received my first order from you guys. I've got to say every detail was perfect from placing my wholesale application to the detail on the clothing I received. I will be a long time customer. Can't wait to spread the cuteness. Thanks so much.
Crystal J.
I ordered yesterday and my pkg arrived today! I couldn't love your company more!!! My daughter has been wearing RUfflebutts since she was 4 months old and she's almost 3 and we love everything we buy!
Heather: thank you so much for sending us a replacement rosette tank top! Our little girl cannot wait to rock it in the next few months!!! We appreciate your kindness. We will definitely purchase from you again. We love little sprout and are happy that they carry your line of products! We enjoy supporting our local businesses. Thanks for such great business.
I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service I have received. I love the denim shorts I got in the mail yesterday. Too cute!!! I will continue to do business with you guys. Thanks again!!
Thanks so very much! Another kind and helpful business you are truely rare and wonderful!)
Wow! Thank you so much! Rufflebutts never disappoints! Great customer service as always!
Viki - Australia
I love the denim jacket I got for my 18 month old grandaughter, she looks soo cute in it & was surprised how quick the delivery was to Australia. Ruffle Butts is a great site which I have recommended to my friends
Kimberly - Panama City, FL
Thank you and I'm looking forward to ordering many more outfits from you :) I've told everyone I know how great your customer service has been!
Neeley - Alto, GA
I am thankful you guys have such awesome customer service! That is what will keep me buying your products! I'm planning on buying more ruffle tights soon! They are precious! I've already told a friend how great your customer service is...and of course the quick shipping! Thanks again!
Baby and Me Boutique - Crestview FL
We placed our first order with you 2 weeks ago and the response from our little town was so great that we placed a second order this week. Your product is wonderful and we really appreciate the quick shipping time you provide. Thank you!
Andrea - Tarzana, CA
Thanks again! We received the new ruffle butt bloomers, and they look great! I just want to compliment you and your company on your amazing customer service. There was even a hand-written note included with the product. Your overwhelming service makes up for the lack of it in so many other daily transactions...
Kim - West Hempstead, NY
CustomerTestimonialI love your line!! Just a quick note to say I love ruffle butts and my daughter is wearing them for her 10 month old shots!! Thanks and keep making great outfits we love them.
Jamie Lea - Murray, KY
Let me say I searched all over my area for ruffly bloomers and was disapointed that I couldn't find them. It's a tradtion of mine to give them to any girlfriends who have little girls as they were given to me when I was little. When I found your site i was THRILLED!!. I thought you had the cutest things I had ever seen. Then when I got them in the mail... it just got better!! They were even cuter in person!! But what really made my purchase was that you took the time to leave a simple hand writen note. Let me tell you that I can't wait to have a little girl of my own so that I can buy one of everything you have!!! Thank you so much!
Berkeley - Durham, NC
CustomerTestimonialI just wanted to write and let you know how much we LOVE our rufflebutts!!! They are absolutely adorable! We get compliments all the time when she's wearing them. People are always asking us where they came from and we recommend them to your great website. The rufflebutts are just wonderful- they are well made and they fit fabulously over cloth diapers (which is great b/c so many diaper covers don't begin to cover them! We are so glad to have discovered your product and look forward to adding to our collection!
Heather - Oak Hill, CA
Thank you so much! I received my order just in-time (super fast shipping) for a birthday gift and it was perfect! I absolutely LOVED everything and can't wait to order more! My daughter loves clothes and her new Ruffle Butts were favored over all of her new toys. I order from multiple companies online weekly and I have to say that I was the most impressed with the quality of your clothes and how accurate they were described & pictured on your website. I also have to mention that I recently subscribed to your blog and I truly find it so inspiring & motivational (and entertaining) being a small business owner, wife & mother myself. Your warm spirit definitely shows in your life & business! I will spread the word to all of my mom friends about Ruffle Butts and will be back as a return customer, thanks again for everything, it is very much appreciated!
Rebecca Romijn - CA
"Thanks so much Amber!! Yes, it is heaven. We are having so much fun. I'm a big fan, and of course I would LOVE some personalized rufflebutts! Dolly and Charlie are the names...Yours are the cutest baby clothes I've seen. I can't wait to see our little girls wiggling around in them. Best, Rebecca"
Crystal H. - Bassett, VA
Thanks! I got the other part of the order today just in time for here pictures. I will send you one when I get them back. I love the bloomers they are a lot cuter in person and the bows went perfectly with them. Thanks you so much for going above and beyond to get me them for her pictures. It shows that you care about what you are doing. I will be buying more and have already recommended your product to several people including the photographer. He loved them.
Karen N. - Fremont, CA
To whom it may concern,

I just love the pink bloomers! My daughter has been asking about them since I ordered them. The item came in time too; perfect for Easter Sunday. Now I'll feel better when she wears her dress that there will be more than her underwear underneath. Your product is great, and I'm glad there are still bloomers to buy.
Michelle - Hiram, GA
I just placed my second order this month, I love these!! I only wish that I had come accross them 6 years earlier for my oldest daughter. Better late then never. I will tell all my friends about these. I can't wait to put them on my little one when the weather warms up. Thank you!
Addy's mom Kendra - Lampasas, TX
CustomerTestimonialI have enjoyed the ruffle butts that I received from you! My little girl looks so precious in them..I get so many compliments! She really enjoys them as well. My daughter was in a Texas Pageant and won best casual wear....attached is a photo of her wearing the the pageant. I am also attaching a picture of her in a swing top...cute cute! Thank YOU!!!
Kadence's mom Catherine
CustomerTestimonialLuckily, a few months ago I won a great contest at that was sponsored by Rufflebutts. In the mail arrived the cutest little hot pink bloomer and I even got to add custom embroidery to the rear! Hey, if my the daughter is going to flaunt her ruffles, she needed to do it with style... A few beach goers even stopped to ask where I got such a cute little bloomer. RuffleButts!! Moms just couldn't get enough of her clumsy cuteness all over the beach...
Sheryl - New York, NY
OMG!!! I received the RuffleButts and I absolutely ADORE them!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for making such a nice quality product. You were a pleasure to deal with.
WoW ... super fast shipping! That's 3 times in a row now ... my nanny is even ordering from you now for my daughter's gifts! She gave Evie white bloomers with her name on them ... as soon as summer is here I'm ordering pink! She is going to be the San Diego Ruffle Butt baby!! :) I just updated my Facebook status saying "Victoria is so excited baby's "ruffle butt" pants came in... these things are too cute!!!! for all you moms! :)"
Lily Jane's mom Brooke - Des Moines, IA
CustomerTestimonialThis is my daugheter at her 1 month photo shoot. She loves her ruffle butts! We just got an e mail today from you and I plan to buy her some more now that she is almost 5 months! They are so cute and everyone just loves them!
Postie's Daughter - Harrisburg, PA
CustomerTestimonialMy little one loves Ruffle Butts! :)
Brent - Cleveland, OH
Thanks for the new RuffleButts. My niece loves them...And they are the best new baby gift ever. I have been singing their praises all over Cleveland!
Rachel - Kayla's Mom - Orlando, FL
CustomerTestimonialYour products are great, cute, and comfy. Kayla looked so darn cute in the outfit!
Lisa - Amara's Mom, CA
CustomerTestimonialWhen I came across your adorable site, I was so thrilled! These are the cutest diaper covers and sets I have seen! Thank you for bringing back the famed rufflebutt diaper covers! We love how cute our little angel looks in hers! We also have a set with the swing top. Too cute!! I look forward to purchasing more colors.
Tessa Pearl's mom Heather, TX
CustomerTestimonialI absolutely love Ruffle Butts! When I found out I was having a girl, I set out in search of the perfect little girl wardrobe and stumbled upon your website. I am hooked and cannot wait to get more outfits. The quality and fit are wonderful. Thanks again for such an adorable product!
Emily and Caitlin Lupe
CustomerTestimonialI saw Rufflebutts in a magazine and had to get some for my daughter, Caitlin. The diaper cover and swing top made the perfect summer outfit for her, and I always get comments about how cute she looks. Other moms are always asking where they can get their own Rufflebutts... your product truly sells itself! Rufflebutts also made Caitlin's first birthday photos all the more beautiful and precious. I can't wait to get her more!
Amanda and Matilynn Harvey, Missouri
CustomerTestimonialJust wanted to share with you my love for your product and some adorable photos of my daughter Matilynn. Rufflebutts are sure to be a staple in her wardrobe for years to come. Thank you!
Amy Heltzer
I love the items I've received from you all and appreciate your great customer service. Keep up the great work!
Ashley Ralston
What an adorable product you offer! I can't wait for my little one to be crawling around in them! Great product and fast service!
Jen :)
CustomerTestimonialKayden's pictures turned out CUTER then we had imagined. I think the Ruffle Butts made all the difference!

I'll mail you a hard copy of 1 or 2 cute Ruffle Butt shots when I get some ordered. Thanks for all your help- you have been great and I look forward to ordering MANY more things for my little angel!
Narmien Novi, Michigan
Hi Amber, I received my order, and I just LOVE the "Rufflebutts!" You have been a pleasure to work with. Congratulations on your success and Best Wishes to you. Thank You!!
Vicky Li
I just received my order of Rufflebutts - and OMG they are SO CUTE! I was very pleased with the quality of the product and I'll be definitely ordering more soon! But what I think deserves a great praise is the quality of the customer service you provided.

It was my first order so I had some questions about sizes and all my emails got an answer on the same day they were sent - that per se was already something to be praised but I was also greatly surprised by the so kind handwritten thank you note with the packing list I got with my order!

I guess I'm so used to have to deal with answering machines and computers that I felt really pleased to get a note from someone who actually thought it was important to send a personal note with the package - amazing!

I'll be definitely recommending your products to all my friends. Thank you!
Jodi Haas
CustomerTestimonialJust received my first order of Rufflebutts last week . . . LOVE THEM! Just put in another order this eve for more. They fit perfectly, and look so cute on my daughter. You're getting free advertising when she's out and about with the Rufflebutts on . . . more than a few people have asked me "where did you get that adorable outfit?!".

I will definately be checking your website often for new styles/patterns (you've done a wonderful job with the ones you have available so far, not a dud in the bunch!) I wish I could have every one! - Thank you!
Just wanted to say "THANK YOU!" I received my first pair of Rufflebutts for my daughter in the mail yesterday. They are so adorable! I cannot wait for her to start wearing them!! Keep up the spectacular work!!
The Ballard Family
CustomerTestimonialI have to say that I was truly touched and highly impressed by this extremely considerate note received from The Ballard Family following their visit to the RuffleButts suite at the Boom Boom Room! This CBS' Numbers actor and his family are obviously very beautiful people, inside and out! Click here to read it for yourself.
Mali Cornitius
I received my order yesterday and I couldn't be happier! These items are adorable and I was impressed by the personal note as well. I've sent your link to all my friends and hopefully they'll be as crazy about your clothes as I am. Congrats on a wonderful product and continued success!
Alicia Hayes
CustomerTestimonialI received our "rufflebutts" yesterday and am THRILLED! They are absolutely wonderful. I had my daughter wear one outfit today and she was the hit of the doctor's office! I've ordered more in larger sizes to ensure that I have these as she grows.

Thanks again for such wonderful products!
Linda Larson
Hi, Amber. Thank you for being so prompt. You're customer service is outstanding! We'll try and send you a photo of Hannah from her birthday shoot with your little outfit on! Once again, thank you for such great service!
Hilary at Madi's Closet
Hi Amber! I love everything! This is a great addition!

Customers were buying it as I was unpacking it out of the box!
Amy Pearce
Just wanted to let you know we recieved the shipment in time, and it was a huge hit! My sister said my niece has already worn it, and she took some pictures for me. Thanks again for everything.
CustomerTestimonialI LOVE your company! I have 3 boys and a little girl, my princess :-), so I love to dress her as girly as possible and your clothes are perfect and so girly!
Your web-site is not only darling, but encouraging for people to treat others as they should. Your faith is evident and I praise you for relaying it, especially so publicly!
Sooo cute! I can't wait to start buying some for gifts...

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