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American Idol Moment

8 years ago 281 Views No comments

Seriously, no way, yes really! Mark spotted what looked like our ruffled bloomers first, and I was a bit in disbelief. Many of you know what it's like to find out your pregnant, to go through the roller coaster of a ride (morning sickness, a ever growing physique, the back pain, the joy, the anticipation, then labor and then this beautiful baby...then the lack of sleep, the no more dinners out, the laughs, the cries) all every bit worth it, and this crazy, amazing RuffleButts ride is definitely worth it every step of the way. Aubrey is only 18 months old, so I know I have many, many moments ahead with her, but RuffleButts is kind of my first born in a way, 3 whole years of a journey, and today was one of those crazy make it all worth while moments for me (and Mark).

As we were watching the end to American Idol, when that big teddy bear of a cutie, Michael Lynche, was sadly voted off, Mark happened to notice the adorable pink ruffled baby bloomer adorning the bottom of his precious new arrival, little Laila Lynche. They are RUFFLEBUTTS!!! I second guessed him at first, but then they zoomed closer and closer, and there was our little ruffled baby butt of a logo staring back at us at the top of the pink ruffled diaper cover. It was like Aubrey's first step or something...I was so proud, and honored to see our ruffled creation up there in the spot light, sharing such a special moment for this family.

Wow, this is just kind of crazy! I know they didn't mention the name or anything, and most of the MILLIONS of people that watch the show will have no idea, but it was more that personal joy that you feel when you see your child up on stage. We work so hard, and pour so much energy and love into this venture, that it truly was a little celebration for us to see our Pink RuffleButt Bloomers on national tv! And even better, that little Laila was looking super precious for her daddy's moment.