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Baby Wears Prada

13 years ago 480 Views No comments

So, I have another website that I just have to share...BabyWearsPrada.com is a new review website for children's apparel and since it's late August debut, has been a total hit with moms everywhere!

The website was created by Shanna Marsh, and she has done a fabulous job of getting it up and running, working with some of the best brands in the business. We were honored that she included RuffleButts in that list! Shanna explains the idea behind her brand on her 'About Us' page, including the inspiration from her adorable family (below), but this pretty much sums it up...

"I created Baby Wears Prada so mommies everywhere can come here and get their daily dose of info. Want your darling angel to have the same outfit as your favorite celeb baby? You've come to the right place! Looking for the perfect unique gift for a birthday? We've got that too! Has back to school shopping got your head spinning with so many options? Have no fear, I'll break it all down for you and even tell you where you can get that much needed outfit on sale!"

For moms, this is a great place to keep up to date with the latest trends in baby apparel, for other business owners, it is good opportunity for advertising and product reviews. Shanna's newsletter which goes out to more than 3500 subscribers, is very well done and showcases a handful of brands each issue. To top it off, Shanna is a total sweetheart, and I just love working with great people!

Baby Cha-Cha

13 years ago 509 Views No comments

Okay, I promise not too turn this business blog into an Aubrey picture photo gallery, but I just had to share this one...

Janie Dale, the Owner/Designer over at Baby Cha-Cha Boutique, was so unbelievably sweet and sent this adorable tutu and headband set over for Aubrey. It is so incredibly precious, I just couldn't resist and had it on her within minutes. What an absolutely perfect baby gift!

She's here!!!

13 years ago 469 Views No comments

I am so excited to share the good news...Aubrey Raeann Schaub made her grand entrance a little early and arrived on Wednesday morning, November 12th! She is happy and healthy and we are in our glory. I have always had an appreciation for moms and their little angels, but I must admit, I am honored and thrilled to join the club. I started this business because I couldn't think of a customer I would rather work with, as moms have the most amazing role in this world, but you never TRULY understand until you see that precious miracle placed on your chest, staring back at you.

I am counting down the days until she can start wearing her little RuffleButts, as I already have her personalized holiday bloomer made and waiting for her. It will be a little "fluffy", but you better believe she will be wearing them very soon! It was always so fun to design for the little angels everywhere, but it will be extra special to design now that I have my own little angel, as my inspiration has just doubled!

I truly appreciate all of the support and prayers I have received from customers, vendors, business owners, associates, friends & family. I have always known I was extremely blessed, but this definitely tops the charts!

Her proud Daddy has created an entire page of Aubrey pics - you can check them out by clicking here - Aubrey Pictures