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Get the Word Out!

11 years ago 273 Views No comments

As seen through the eyes of the RuffleIntern...
Finally, it is spring break! I could not wait to spend extra time working with Amber at RuffleButts. During my break, I was able to use my creative imagination and design a P.R. (public relations) chart for a three month quarter for RuffleButts. We decided upon a few goals for the company to accomplish withing the next three months. As we accomplish the goals, we place a cute, hand drawn cut-out of a RuffleButt in the space that coordinates with the accomplished goal. Hopefully by making the chart, it will give RuffleButts the opportunity to aim towards our highest goal, to be on a national television show; whether it be the Tyra Banks Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, or Ellen DeGeneres. Amber has already accomplished so much with RuffleButts Inc. I plan to continue helping Amber expand her company by getting the name of RuffleButts Inc. out to the world! Spread the word!--->RuffleButts!!