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No Slippy Hair Clippy

10 years ago 187 Views No comments

You all know how I am always preaching about how much us entrepreneurs have to stick together in this crazy world? Well, I needed advice, so I turned to the owner of this fabulous company, and she totally came through! It is extremely important to me to support my fellow business owners and give advice whenever I can (not that I am the oh-so-experienced one), but if I have a lesson learned to pass along, I am always more than happy to do so. Unfortunately, I have learned in life that not everyone is on this same page, especially in business. I understand why and respect others business practices, but my philosophy will never change.

So anyway, I needed some advertising advice and decided to call Annie, the Co-Founder and President of No Slippy Hair Clippy, whom I had met at the Boom Boom Room in CA this past January. Annie was so friendly, that when I noticed her company in a publication that we were considering for marketing purposes, I decided it was worth a call. Annie was beyond friendly and supportive, giving me her opinion and feedback from her past experiences. No Slippy Hair Clippy is an adorable company that has done a fabulous job of branding themselves...something I also hope to accomplish! I highly value Annie's opinions and am so grateful to her for sharing.

We have never really done any advertising in the past, but are at a crossroads in our business where I believe it is time to take the month marks 1 year in sales!!! We are ready to ramp up, so wish me luck, as I have some major decisions to be made this week!