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Beach Hacks Every Mom Needs To Know

5 years ago 0 Views No comments

Summer is just around the corner which has us dreaming of that beach vacay that needs to happen. There is nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach with your kids. Or at least that’s what you’ll think after you test out some of these amazing beach hacks every mom needs to know!

1. Baby Powder is your secret weapon. Sprinkle just a bit on your legs and feet and watch sand fall right off! No more tracking it into the car for the ride home!

2. Lather up, or actually… Sun protection is number one on this mama’s mind. While I don’t suggest ditching sunscreen all together, I do suggest investing in a swimsuit with great coverage. Our RuffleButts swimwear come with built in sun protection and the rash guards are perfect keeping little one’s sun safe!

Blue Seersucker One PieceTropical Garden Rash Guard Mint Seersucker Rash GuardNavy Stripe Rash Guard

3. Bring Balloons. When your kids get water stuck in their ears have them gently blow into the balloons. This will help force the water out. Easy fix!

4. Go early OR late. Avoiding the crowds can be tricky but heading out earlier in the day or later in the evening helps you find that perfect spot without fighting through hundreds of eager beach goers.

5. Don’t forget the shades! Sunglasses are an easy add-on to your beach bag and help your little one’s protect their eyes. Bonus? The RuffleButts sunglasses are shatter-resistant which means no fussing when someone steps on them.

6. Ziplock bags are phone savers! Slide you iphone or Android into a re usable sandwich bag and seal it shut to help keep sand away from those small cracks. You can still click, type, and talk without worrying about your device getting damaged.

7. Hide your valuables. There are so many different ideas floating around but some of our favorites are in a diaper, in a Pringles can, or even an empty wipes container.

8. Use a mesh bag for beach toys. Clean up is a breeze! Just put all of the toys back in the bag when you are done playing and give them a shake.

So what do you think, Mama’s? Ready to head out and enjoy some sunshine? Leave a comment below with your favorite beach tip and don’t forget to shop our summer styles!

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