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Getting dolls to children in chemotherapy

5 years ago 964 Views No comments

When Mark originally read this story on Fox News, he knew this is something we would want to support. Childhood cancer has been something close to our hearts ever since Layla Grace put it there about 7 years ago. Just 2 weeks ago we were a sponsor of Cooks Children's Hospital The Blast here in Ft. Worth, so when we read about Bella's goal, we were determined to help her any way we could. So...I reached out to Bella and her momma to see what we could do and we are really excited to announce it today!

Bella has worked really hard over the past few weeks to hand-make hundreds of bracelets for our customers. RuffleButts purchased these bracelets in your honor and will be shipping them to you FREE with your RuffleButts and/or RuggedButts order! Just be sure to use the code BELLASGIFT at checkout on the website to receive your free gift.

Here at RuffleButts, we are all about raising young ladies into confident young women. Bella we are so proud of your efforts and we know our Ruffle-Mommas are too!

Watch this video for more information:

Live here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and want to find out more about The Blast? Click here to learn more:

You can follow us on facebook to learn more about our company and the things that we are most passionate about. You can also visit Peace Love Bracelets on facebook to spread the word and order additional bracelets from Bella.

Thanks for your support!

RuffleButt joy in a Haitian orphanage

5 years ago 1873 Views No comments

The fact that we are able to use this business to share blessings with others is not one I take for granted. It was a goal from the very beginning. I honestly struggle with how much of our "pay it forward" initiatives to share with you, our readers, as I never want goodness to come in the selfish form of "what's in it for me" or from a place of boastfulness. Although, with that said, I have also learned that sharing the joy of giving with others is inspirational in more ways than one. It truly does just that, shares joy...and then I'm totally selfish for not sharing!

Ok, beyond my personal issue here, I am so happy to share a recent RuffleButts moment. One of our team members by the name of Tristan Lazor visited Haiti on a mission trip this past year. Tristan is a gentle but wise soul who inspires me daily by the foundation of her faith and commitment to others. So when a sweet letter from a Haitian orphan randomly appeared in my mailbox one day, I knew just who to enlist for help with this project! Tristan pulled together the perfect RuffleButt's gift and sent it on its way down to the country that is close to her heart.

We do this type of stuff fairly often around here, but once it's sent on it's way, we don't hear much about it. This time was different. We received the sweetest email from the organization and saw a link they posted to their own blog sharing the story. While we already had the simple joy of giving, their thank you made the experience beyond rewarding. Seeing a blind Haitian orphan jumping with joy in our ruffled creation..it just doesn't get much better than that!

So, I'm sharing our joy with you today. Watch the video, then count your blessings. It's also a great teachable-moment tool for your kiddos. My daughter talks about Angeline and this video almost weekly. It's pretty amazing that such a simple thing could bring someone else such a big smile, especially when our kiddos take these good fortunes for granted. When I started RuffleButts, my initial motto was "spreading ruffles and sharing smiles". While we don't use that so much today (while totally genuine, it sounds a little cheesy), it is still very much ingrained in who we are. And what a beautiful smile she has!

Three Angels Blog -- read here

Win a Tiffany ring AND $250 to spend at RuffleButts/RuggedButts!!!!

10 years ago 930 Views No comments

Funny enough, I'm usually not a big name-brand person. I like what I like and I value quality, and if there is a great name to go along with it, then that's cool too. There are just a few brands/designers that have special meaning to me, and Tiffany & Co is one of them. It was in some recent thought that I had a fun idea...

The meaning behind the name:

As I've mentioned many, many times in this blog, I have always known that I wanted to accomplish something 'big', but it wasn't until RuffleButts that I knew what the accomplishment was supposed to be. Growing up in KY with a single mom, Tiffany wasn't a brand that I was introduced to till after college. My first career was with a pharmaceutical company. I vividly remember one of my co-workers who was years ahead of me with regard to experience and life achievements. She always wore this shiny, classy-looking Tiffany bracelet. It wasn't until a few years later, when I closed my first big real estate deal that I went to Tiffany to purchase not only a piece for myself, but also for my super-supportive mom. It was my "I've made it moment", and my gift to my mom to thank her for all of her sacrifice over the years. It was then, just a few years later, when I met Mark, that I landed my 2nd piece as a 'wooing gift'. It was so sweet and made me feel very loved! Over the years, these Tiffany pieces have been a reminder of the blessings in my life.

What we are doing:

So this brings me to my weekend thought. I would like to share with you, the people who have supported my dreams, my goals and ambitions, your own celebratory Tiffany piece. A reminder that you are loved, you are valued, and that you can accomplish any dream you wish. I know it is just a material thing, but it is the meaning that is so much more valuable. It is a special mom and daughter giveaway, in honor of my mom, and in celebration of you!

So, with this said, we are launching our best and biggest giveaway yet. We are giving away a Return to Tiffany Heart Signet Ring for you AND $250 for you to spend on your little angel at RuffleButts.com and/or RuggedButts.com. Sending luck and gratitude, I hope you enjoy!

Enter HERE ---> http://www.facebook.com/RuffleButts?v=app_203351739677351