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The Joy of Giving

3 years ago 1251 Views No comments

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate…to celebrate our RB team, our customers, and answered prayers. I will never forget the prayers I prayed out on our apartment balcony as I searched for the idea, for my purpose and next career chapter. In that prayer, I knew I wanted to do something that could affect others in a positive way, but I just couldn’t put my finger on exactly how. I am so honored to say that RuffleButts has been an amazing blessing, in so many ways, but it has been such a pleasant surprise to watch how a for-profit business can benefit others in a very not-for-profit way.

First, I will celebrate that we were able to donate more than $250,000 of children’s apparel to the victims of Hurricane Florence. We set the goal of $200k, but with heart and determination, and the help of our social fans, we surpassed that goal. I’m also happy to report that it’s currently being distributed by World Vision USA {www.worldvision.org/disaster-relief-news-stories} in the areas affected. When I started this business, I had a hard time envisioning selling $250,000 in goods. To be here today, able to give away that amount to those in need is truly an amazing feeling

I know it may be a bit premature, being that we just started Q4, but I also want to celebrate our RuffleButts customers and RB team. This year has been a crazy one, to say the least. While we are only a few weeks into Q4, our company has experienced growth unsurpassed in the history of our company. Our team has worked their tails off to continue delivering a golden-rule experience for our customer, while our customers have rallied behind our little family business and made this all possible.

While I’m often asked if I envisioned all of this when starting RuffleButts almost 12 years ago, it’s actually a tough question to answer. I dreamed it, I hoped for it, and knew deep down that it was all possible, but envisioning something that is beyond your wildest dreams is a tough task. It was just this week that I looked up from my desk out to our team of over 40 people (40 truly wonderful, hard-working, inspiring people) that I just got a little grin. While I never quite pictured what it would look like to be a part of something this cool, I feel eternally grateful that I get to!

Getting dolls to children in chemotherapy

5 years ago 958 Views No comments

When Mark originally read this story on Fox News, he knew this is something we would want to support. Childhood cancer has been something close to our hearts ever since Layla Grace put it there about 7 years ago. Just 2 weeks ago we were a sponsor of Cooks Children's Hospital The Blast here in Ft. Worth, so when we read about Bella's goal, we were determined to help her any way we could. So...I reached out to Bella and her momma to see what we could do and we are really excited to announce it today!

Bella has worked really hard over the past few weeks to hand-make hundreds of bracelets for our customers. RuffleButts purchased these bracelets in your honor and will be shipping them to you FREE with your RuffleButts and/or RuggedButts order! Just be sure to use the code BELLASGIFT at checkout on the website to receive your free gift.

Here at RuffleButts, we are all about raising young ladies into confident young women. Bella we are so proud of your efforts and we know our Ruffle-Mommas are too!

Watch this video for more information:

Live here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and want to find out more about The Blast? Click here to learn more:

You can follow us on facebook to learn more about our company and the things that we are most passionate about. You can also visit Peace Love Bracelets on facebook to spread the word and order additional bracelets from Bella.

Thanks for your support!

9 years sure do fly by!

6 years ago 1745 Views No comments

Wow, 9 years! I will never forget the day that my "1st born" was actually born. It was in the kitchen of our little 2 bedroom South Florida condo that Mark and I had the discussion. It was a fairly quick and casual conversation that would change our lives forever.

Mark:So, did you apply for the trademark today?
Amber: I couldn't pull the trigger. It's so much money! I would feel so awful if I wasted that money.
Mark:Amber, it's $400. While it's a lot of money, we will survive either way. Will you regret it if you don't go for it?
Amber: Yes, I will definitely regret it. Ok, I'll do it! Are you ready for this? You know me, once I'm in, I'm in.
Mark:You know I will support you all the way.
Amber: Ok, I'm going to do it right now!

That was the day I made the decision to go all in. The Tony Robbins quote, "If you want to take the island - burn the friggin boats" defined that moment for me. I was all in from that day forward. It took me a few months from that date to actually execute all of the steps necessary to start the business, but it was that day that we made the decision to pursue this dream and more importantly I made the decision that my stubbornness was going to lead the way. I was determined to make this a success.

Well 9 years and an amazing team later (including my super talented husband that nudged me in the 1st place), this dream is a reality! That incredible team has made this day so special for me (see the champagne photo above!), which just reminds me yet again how lucky I am. Let me rephrase that...how blessed I am. I don't really believe in luck.

I don't want to gloss over the road that has paved these past nine years; it has certainly been one heck of a journey, but one that I wished for my entire life. I could not be more grateful for this opportunity. While there are days I think I may fall asleep standing up (I guess not unlike most moms!), it is truly an honor to do what I do. To lead the team that I lead; to clothe adorable kids all over the world; to sell to amazing retailers both here in the US and faraway countries I only dream of visiting; it is all a dream come true. I am beyond grateful for this path and will continue fighting for my team and customers, to become a household name and requirement for every kiddo's closet!

To everyone that has made this journey possible, I extend my sincerest gratitude...our team, my family, my amazing husband, our customers (who are the ones that truly make this possible) and our friends. My 1st born is 9 years old today...wow, it sure flew by!