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Toddler & Baby Girls: Shorts & Capris

toddler & little girls ruffle shorts & capris
Ruffled Shorts
From durable denim to sweet seersucker ruffles, our shorts collection is made for fun in the sun all summer long. Featuring adjustable waistbands and quality details, our capris & ruffle shorts will have your toddler or baby girl both comfy and stylish. If you're heading into cooler weather and still want some cute ruffled looks for your little one, take a look at our collection of girls' ruffled pants.
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Toddler & Baby Girls: Ruffle Shorts & Capris

From denim bows to sweet seersucker ruffles, our toddler girl shorts and capris bring the summer fun.

Bring On The Summer Season With the Perfect Ruffled Bottoms

Once the warm weather hits, it's playtime all day, every day for kids. Match the fun of the season with our equally fun baby girl shorts and capris! Designed from quality materials, our summer-ready comfort bottoms stand up to months of outdoor play. And with shorts this cute, you'll never want summer to end. Pick your favorite striped, bowed, or ruffled short set for a summer wardrobe worthy of your little one.

They grow up so fast, don't they? Luckily, our clothing bottoms are designed to grow with your little one! For every clothing size—from 12M to 8T—we add an elastic or adjustable waistband for an easy fit. When those growth spurts hit, our toddler girl shorts have them all covered, literally! And as the seasons shift into winter, you can pick just the right amount of warmth and comfort for the weather. Our capri leggings provide more coverage in an outfit, while our pattern shorts are always light and breezy.

Jungle gyms, beaches, soccer fields, backyards—summer brings big adventures and exciting environments. That's why we make little girl shorts and capris built for care-free playtime. Our bottoms range from 92% to 100% cotton, ensuring a soft-to-the-touch feel. For our capris and bubble shorts, we add just a sprinkle of Spandex to bend with their bodies. It's the perfect balance of strength and stretch.

Make her summer wardrobe pop with adorable details like bows, ruffle accents, and our signature ruffled butts. Classic solid colors and cutesy patterns like rainbows, hearts, and tropical flowers add to the fun. In our stylish items, she'll shine as bright as the summer sun.

Don't wait until the summer rolls around! Strike before it's hot and create your little girl's summer wardrobe today with our baby shorts and capris.