Footed Pajamas

Oh-So-Cozy Footed Pajamas for Newborns, Infants, & Babies

Is there any sight more adorable than a baby in a fuzzy pair of footed pajamas? Footie PJs are built to keep little toes cozy and warm, help regulate your baby’s body temperature, and provide a little cushion for their crawling attempts across the living room floor. The only thing better than how cute your little one will look in their footie pajamas is how comfortable and secure they’ll feel. 


Prepare for chilly autumns and cold, crisp winters by stocking your infant’s pajama drawer with footie pajamas from RuffleButts. Chances are you’ll find yourself reaching for them at bedtime, and in the morning too. While your baby is spending most of their day slumbering sweetly, why bother dressing them in anything other than comfortable, sleep-appropriate clothing? The full-length zipper baby pajamas will make diaper changes easier than ever, and you’ll never have to worry that their baby clothes might be getting in the way of a good nap. 


If you’re looking forward to dressing your newborn in adorable designs, you’ll love our wide selection of patterns, colors, and styles of baby footed pajamas. Choose from simple solids and tri-color stripes or more elaborate prints like polar bears, snuggling sheep, or flowers. She’ll be comfortable and as cute as a button no matter what you pick. And if you just can’t narrow it down, opt for a few different designs and let her pick her favorite. Big smiles and happy squeals mean you have a winner. From easy diaper changes to sleeping through the night in style, baby footed pajamas will be your little one's, and your, best friends.

When you shop with RuffleButts, you can feel 100% confident that you’re buying quality clothing that’s built to last. Through spit-up and spilled milk, through playtime, snack time, and eventually bedtime, from one sibling to another, your children can sleep soundly—and live happily—in their RuffleButts footed baby pajamas sets for years to come.

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