I'm not usually a big celebrity gal and to be quite honest, I rarely have time to watch daytime TV, but I was thinking the other day, if there is a celebrity that I aspire to be like (or at least what I think they are like in real life), it would be Ellen. So here are my reasons why:

1. She breaks the mold.

So we all know that with the exception of Oprah, talk shows don't last long...and most of them, quite honestly, suck. They are the shows we have on in the background when the kids are running around the house or we're making lunch. Not something worth 100% attention. Anyway, Ellen took the risk of coming out with a daytime talk show in the first place and then on top of that, she broke the mold. She did it differently and it works! I hope to apply that daily here at RuffleButts. I read something today that was inspirational..."Be yourself, everyone else is already taken", a quote by Oscar Wilde. How true it this?? And when you think of someone living

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