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Toddler Outfits & Activities

We totally get that keeping your little ones engaged and happy with toddler activities can sometimes feel like a juggling act. But worry not, because we're here to be your go-to guide on making those toddler days exciting and memorable, focusing on building their skills! At RuffleButts, we understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between fun and learning. On our dedicated blog page all about toddlers, you'll discover a treasure trove of inspiration that will keep those curious minds occupied.

Are you looking for creative indoor toddler activities that beat the rainy day blues for your busy toddler? We've got you covered with crafty projects that'll let your mini-artists unleash their imagination. From finger paint adventures to DIY playdough sessions, activities to do with kids are tons of fun and fabulous for developing fine motor skills. We know your toddlers have the energy to burn too! So, why not explore the outdoors with them? Our outdoor toddler activities range from exciting nature scavenger hunts, to kids swimming, to mini obstacle courses that'll have your little dynamos giggling with delight.

Have you got a picky eater on your hands? No problem! We've got toddler activities that revolve around your little one exploring new foods. Create a mini food-tasting party where your munchkin can be the judge of flavors. It's an easy toddler activity to expand their taste buds and encourage a healthy appetite. And when it's time to wind down, our cozy storytelling suggestions make for a perfect bedtime ritual, nurturing your young child's love for stories and bonding time.

At RuffleButts, we believe that every moment with your toddler is an opportunity for growth, discovery, and creating cherished memories. Our blog is your trusted companion, filled with tried-and-true toddler activities that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Whether you're indoors, doing outdoor activities, or simply snuggled up at home, we're here to make every day with your toddler a joyful adventure. Check out our toddler activities page or any related post to dive into a world of creativity, learning, and endless smiles. Happy exploring!

  1. Water Safety for Children: 10 Important Tips

    #1 Never Swim Alone

    If you’ve ever witnessed children playing in a pool or at the beach, you know the undeniable connection between kids and water fun. From splashing around in the kiddie pool to paddle boarding at the lake or zipping down tunneled slides at the waterpark, it’s easy to think that children were made for the water.

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  2. How to Prepare Your Little One for the First Day of Preschool

    Step 1: Build Up to a Great Start

    Boxes of crayons, miles of pencils, school books, and aisles of backpacks—nothing says Autumn quite like the start of the school year. If you have a little one in the house and they’ve reached the age for preschool, preparing them for their first day be a mixed bag of emotions—awe at how fast they’ve grown, heartbreak for missed baby snuggles, and worry about sending them off with all the right materials and cute back to school clothes.

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  3. UPF vs SPF: What’s the Difference?

    UPF vs SPF: What’s the Difference?

    Whether you’re scanning the tide pools for all sorts of wriggly sea creatures or picnicking at the park, there are plenty of activities to dive into when the sun’s rays are on the rise. But when the sun is out, coverage is in—especially on your little honey bun. 

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  4. What Is UPF Clothing for Kids?

    What Is UPF Clothing for Kids?

    When your little girls are out exploring and playing under the sun, the last thing you need to worry about is sunburnt skin. That’s where UPF clothing comes in, the physical (and downright adorable) sun blocker.

    Like wearable sunscreen, proper UPF clothing blocks harmful UV rays to a nearly impenetrable degree. For a burn-free baby—and a stress-free parent—consider keeping your closets well-stocked with UPF apparel and other protective clothing.

    What is UPF clothing exactly, and how does it work? If you’ve still got questions and are wondering how to dress a baby in summer, we’ve got answers. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about UPF baby girl swimwear and why it’s brimming with benefits.

    UPF 101: Protected C

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  5. 4 Beach Essentials for Toddlers

    4 Beach Essentials for Toddlers

    Towels? Check. Umbrellas? Check. Sunscreen? Triple-check. You’ve got all the adult beach essentials ready to go. But what about your little swimmer-in-training?

    Pull out the packing list—we’ve got your family beach day needs covered.

    From sunshine to wet waves, your child’s wardrobe will need to brave the elements on the shore. That’s why we’ve assembled the top beach must haves for toddlers. With our kid-friendly guide, family beach day will stay fun and stress-free from sun-up to sun-down.

    #1: UPF Swimwear

    Of course, swimwear is one of the top beach essentials for toddlers and adults—but our UPF baby girl swimwear isn’t your average one-piece.

    What SPF is to sunscreen, UPF (or Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is to clothing. If you are wondering, “What is UPF clothing

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