Terrific Tops For Toddlers and Super Shirts for Big Boys

Summer or winter, dress your little boy in shirts and tops that are just his style. RuggedButts has a huge selection of toddler and big boy shirts, tees, toddler boy tank tops, button-downs, henleys, sweaters, and more. Fill your little man’s closet with choices he’ll love, no matter the weather, the activity, or his ever-changing mood. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, buttoned, or zipped, our tops, shirts, and boy sweaters and cardigans for toddlers and big boys are guaranteed to please.


Pack his daycare cubby with plenty of extra pocket tees, so he can plunge into messy activities like making mud-pies, finger painting, and rolling around in the grass, then change into a new top for the afternoon. (And don’t worry, they’re machine-washable, so you can keep all his favorites in rotation.) Our pocket tee shirts come in a variety of styles of the latest trends, perfect to pair with shorts or jeans. Pick up a short-sleeved version with a contrasting patterned pocket that your boy can take home souvenirs in (and you can say, “You’re right, kiddo, that is a super cool rock!”).


Dress him up for the holidays or picture day in a sharp yet breathable toddler button-down shirt from RuggedButts. With patterned plaids, stripes, and solids, he’ll be ready for any special occasion with the perfect fit. Complete his wardrobe with a toddler button down shirt and layer it with a scholarly little cardigan for a look that’s as comfortable and cozy as it is precious. The best part? The cardigan has pockets for all your little man’s treasures.

RuggedButts' signature toddler boy tees are made of high-quality cotton and printed with graphics that your little boy will love—and will love showing off to his friends as soon as they arrive at the park for playtime. Pair them with slippers, boots, or sneakers, and they're off to seize events in style. From henleys with animal appliques to totally cool striped polos,  long sleeve and short sleeve, your toddler or big boy will be outfitted in comfort and style, and you’ll be able to dress him with ease every morning. Our toddler pants, shorts, and other basics are clothing design must-haves for your stylish little one. Shop all the latest trends now!

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