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Monthly Archives: September 2022

  1. 6 Princess Party Ideas for Little Girls

    6 Princess Party Ideas for Little Girls

    Is your little princess turning a year older? If she’s a fairytale fanatic, consider throwing her a birthday party fit for a queen. 


    Luckily, you don’t need to turn into a fairy godmother to make her princess birthday party dreams come true. 


    With a few princess party ideas up your sleeve, you can throw your own perfect princess party in no time. So forget the stress and prepare your party dress because we’re about to dive into some princess birthday party ideas that will keep the fun rolling all day. 


    #1 Play Dress Up

    Princess parties can bring a girl’s fantasy to life—and dressing up is an enchanting way to step right into the land of fairy tales. Your birt

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  2. 8 Fun Slumber Party Ideas for Girls

    8 Fun Slumber Party Ideas for Girls! | RuffleButts

    10 Fun Slumber Party Ideas for Girls!

    Sleepovers are one of the best parts of childhood. If your adult brain can’t quite recall the details, allow us to remind you: You and your BFFs would spend all night playing pretend, sharing secrets, eating snacks, laughing so hard that it hurt, and cuddling up in your cutest PJs to watch movies until you fell asleep. 


    But slumber parties are more than just a fun way to spend time with friends. They’re a right of passage for young girls—a formative experience they can remember their entire lives fondly. 


    If the young girls in your life have reached sleepover age, you might be looking for fun slumber party

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  3. What to Pack for a Sleepover With Friends

    What to Pack for a Sleepover With Friends

    Sleepovers are a staple of childhood. In fact, many of us probably remember sleepovers as our first taste of true independence, as well as the setting of some of our most cherished memories. 


    As fun as they are, sleepovers with friends can also create nervousness in kids and parents alike. For kids, it can be scary to sleep away from home for the first time. For parents, sending a child to a sleepover overnight is a bittersweet sign that their little one is growing up. 


    Fortunately, if your child is going to her first sleepover party, you can calm nerves on both sides by ensuring she has everything she needs for the fun night. In this guide, we’ll go over what to pack for a sleepover with friends so that you can make sure your child’s sleepover is one to remember. 

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  4. 4 Fun Birthday Party Games for Kids

    4 Fun Birthday Party Games for Kids

    With a birthday just around the corner, you may find yourself going through birthday party ideas in your head: “Balloons. Candles. Buttercream…What am I forgetting?” 


    Of course, you’ll also need some entertainment—and family fun party games are the perfect way to come up with some fun party ideas.


    Turn your child’s birthday party into an absolute bash with the addition of fun party games to keep every party guest entertained. Birthday party games for kids can range from a “simple setup” to a “full-out extravaganza.” So whether you need ideas for a pirate-themed extravaganza or looking for princess party ideas, a fantastic

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