4 Fun Birthday Party Games for Kids

With a birthday just around the corner, you may find yourself going through birthday party ideas in your head: “Balloons. Candles. Buttercream…What am I forgetting?” 


Of course, you’ll also need some entertainment—and family fun party games are the perfect way to come up with some fun party ideas.


Turn your child’s birthday party into an absolute bash with the addition of fun party games to keep every party guest entertained. Birthday party games for kids can range from a “simple setup” to a “full-out extravaganza.” So whether you need ideas for a pirate-themed extravaganza or looking for princess party ideas, a fantastic party game awaits you.


#1 Musical Chairs

First up, we have a classic party game. Musical chairs keep children focused, giggly, and on their toes. Musical chairs is also a great game for a spacious outdoor or indoor venue. 


All you need is:


  • Chairs (one less than the total number of children playing)
  • A speaker
  • A fun, upbeat playlist


Play music as the kids walk in a circle around the chairs. When you stop the music, each player has to sit down in a chair as fast as possible. At the end of each round, the kid left without a chair exits the game, as does one chair. Continue this pattern until one player remains. Crown the winner and award them a special prize for their efforts.  


#2 Races

Stretch your hamstrings and lace up your sneakers—it’s time for a good old-fashioned race. Even better, adding a silly gimmick to your race can make it trickier and more enjoyable for the party guests. 


Here are a few ideas to put a spin on your birthday races:


  • Sack raceLooking for a fun birthday party game that will bring on some friendly competition between the little ones? Supply each child with a pillowcase or burlap sack. Once you shout “Go!” each child can hop to the finish line.

  • Egg-and-spoon raceGive each of your participants a spoon and a hard-boiled egg to balance. The first child to cross the finish line with their egg still balanced on the spoon wins. If an egg drops, no worries—they can pick it up, balance it on the spoon, and keep going. You can even implement a penalty rule by making them take three steps back each time an egg drops. 


  • Wheelbarrow race Have your group of participants split off into pairs. One will stand and lift the other child’s legs. The one on the ground will “run” forward with their hands. 


A little healthy competition can complement any birthday game, especially when done with a silly twist. The best part is that these can be outdoor party games but can also be played indoors in a spacious area. 


#3 Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a classic kids party game. Surprise your guests, especially the little ones, with prizes they find themselves in a delightful treasure hunt, a great outdoor party game your guests will all enjoy. Sending your kiddos on a supervised hunt can exercise their problem-solving skills while having loads of fun. Plus, they’ll have a chance to play pretend and earn prizes at the end.


Consider trying out these hunt variations:


  • Pirate treasure hunt – Using a pirate party theme, transform your yard into a pirate ship or treasure island for a day. Create a clever treasure map with clues that lead to hidden treasure. The treasure chest could contain chocolate coins, a candy bar, toy swords, a hula hoop, or another party favor. 


  • Scavenger huntA scavenger hunt usually consists of a list of hidden items that your party guests have to locate. These could be household items like “3 rubber bands” or “a dandelion from the yard.” Once they’ve collected their items, they can trade them in for a prize. 


  • Photo hunt Take photos of the prize that the kids can use to decipher its location. Use clear identifying markers that lead them to the prize in question. Or, you could have them turn in the photographed item in question and redeem a separate reward. 


#4 Hot Potato

Gather the kiddos around for another classic game that will induce lots of laughter. To play hot potato, you’ll need just three simple party supplies:


  • A bean bag, stuffed animal, or another soft toy to serve as the “potato”
  • A playlist of the birthday child’s favorite tunes
  • A speaker


 To begin playing this fun game, follow these steps:


  1. Gather participants in a circle.
  2. Start the music.
  3. Pass the “potato” around the circle.
  4. Stop the music.
  5. Whoever holds the potato when the music stops exits the circle. 
  6. Keep playing until only one child remains and wins the grand prize. 


To keep the party spirit joyful, declare the first child eliminated as the “first winner” and reward them and each supplemental “winner” with a small prize like a lollipop. This eliminates the notion of winners and losers. 


What to Wear for Birthday Party Games

Once you've figured out which great game, or games, will be played, you can get a good idea of how you should dress. Birthday party games can go from playful to competitive quickly. Therefore, you should ensure your little one has the proper party attire to keep up with their competitive spirit.


When dressing your child for a birthday party, it’s best to maximize comfort and durability. Plus,  some cute celebratory patterns never hurt. 


Consider these ideas when preparing for the party:


  • Play sets – A matching play set perfects an easy birthday party ensemble. Let your kid unleash their competitive side with comfortable clothes perfect for racing, rolling, and dancing. 


  • Leggings – Keep your child protected from scraped knees with a pair of leggings. Built with flexibility in mind, leggings allow your child’s full range of motion. Match your leggings with a headband and a belle sleeve top for a bit of flair to go with the confetti. 


  • Dresses – Celebrate in style with a party dress ideal for spinning and serving up smiles. A flowy petti dress will have the child feeling extra fancy, whether it be for allowing movement for fun birthday games, or for finding the perfect girl’s back to school outfit. 


Celebrate in Style with RuffleButts

Birthday parties can provide you and your child with lasting memories—and dressing for the occasion can make the event all the more festive. Whether you’re heading to a birthday party or need ideas for your boy’s back to school outfits, you’ll want to have some play-ready outfits to make the celebrations even more enjoyable.


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