6 Princess Party Ideas for Little Girls

Is your little princess turning a year older? If she’s a fairytale fanatic, consider throwing her a birthday party fit for a queen. 


Luckily, you don’t need to turn into a fairy godmother to make her princess birthday party dreams come true. 


With a few princess party ideas up your sleeve, you can throw your own perfect princess party in no time. So forget the stress and prepare your party dress because we’re about to dive into some princess birthday party ideas that will keep the fun rolling all day. 


#1 Play Dress Up

Princess parties can bring a girl’s fantasy to life—and dressing up is an enchanting way to step right into the land of fairy tales. Your birthday  girl, as well as each party guest, will love having an excuse to don their twirly skirts and dance the night away. 


There are a few ways to perform this birthday party idea , so let’s discuss the royal proceedings. 


Invite Guests to Dress On Theme

One of the essential elements of planning a princess party for your little girl is setting a theme. Themes can help you realize your child’s princess party desires while lending your party planning some structure and guidance. Choosing a theme can help you decide on every decoration, food, and princess party activities—but it’s also a fantastic way to guide your princess party dress-up. 

Inviting your guests to attend in their cutest princess-themed party outfits is an excellent way to get your guests in on the fun. With all her friends showing up in their finest garments, your child may feel like the belle of the ball.


If you’re having a hard time thinking of a specific princess themed party, consider these inspiring ideas:



  • Mermaid magicBreak out the swimsuits and seashell necklaces—a mermaid magic party makes an unforgettable summer splash. Invite your guests to spend a day at the pool and bring along any gadgets and gizmos that make them feel like a mystical mermaid princess. 


  • Fairy forestSpend a lovely day with your favorite forest fairies in your backyard with this princess theme party. Tell your guests to dress as their favorite woodland pixie princess. Complete the look with fairy wings and flower crowns, and indulge in the delights the earth has to offer you. 


  • Day at the balletIf your child is not only a princess but also a prancing prodigy, celebrate her passion with a ballet-themed party. Welcome your guests to wear their Short Sleeve Pink & White Tutu Leotard or Pink Ballet Bow Leg Warmers and show off their dancing skills. You may start hearing “Bravo, bravo!” once your ballerina takes a bow. 


  • Tea Party Opt for a more elegant affair with a prim and proper tea party. Welcome friends dressed in their finest tea party clothes, hats, pearls, and gloves. You can decorate your table with delicate party food and goodies and serve refreshments in beautiful teapots. You can also set the table with a party favor bag for each guest to go along with their tea. 


Offer A Dress-Up Box

Suppose a themed dress-up party doesn’t fit into your party planning schedule. You can still ensure your guests have a lovely time by introducing a dress-up box. 


Find a large box or bin and throw in dress-up clothing and princess party supplies so the princess and her guests can become all dolled up upon arrival.


A dress-up box may contain many birthday party supplies:


  • Tutus
  • Tiaras
  • Gloves
  • Necklaces
  • Shoes
  • Scarves
  • Fairy wings
  • Feather boas
  • Rings


A treasure trove of dress-up items can ensure every child has one or two fun things to wear, even if they left their tiara at home.


#2 Face Painting

Let the kids bring the party back to their respective palaces with washable face paint. You can hire a professional face painter or look up simple tutorials online to add a magical touch to your party guests’ invitation. 


Consider some of these face paint favorites that will have your guests glued to the mirror saying, “I’m the fairest of them all”:


  • FlowersFlowers make a lovely addition to any princess or fairy outfit. A small, pointed brush can create petals with ease. For some extra flair, you can use green face paint to adorn her cheek with leaves, act as vines, and create a floral masterpiece. 


  • CrownsCrowns can add royal flair to any child’s ensemble. Try using a broader brush and sweeping strokes of gold or silver paint above the brow bone. Dot-colored gems to the middle of the crown or along the sides of the face.


  • Butterflies Left your fairy wings at home? No problem. Paint some wings along the princess’s eyes for a gorgeous fairy princess look. You can also paint smaller butterflies around the cheeks or on the forehead.


  • SnowflakesIf you’re celebrating a winter birthday (or if your little one happens to have an obsession with a certain ice princess), add a sprinkle of snowflakes for an easy face paint design. You can paint them free-hand or get a few stencils and sponges at the store.


Turn a makeover into a cherished memory with face paint that inspires magic through artistic expression. 


#3 Put on a Princess Playlist

Princesses love singing to birds, squirrels, and crowds of kingdom dwellers. A princess playlist can give your party princess a space in the spotlight with a chance to sing and dance along with some of her favorite princess party tunes. 


Whether you’re plugging in the karaoke machine or simply putting on some background tunes for opening presents, music can set the scene. We’ve named just a few of our favorite Disney princess songs that should make it on your princess party playlist:


  • Let it Go - Frozen
  • First Time In Forever - Frozen
  • Into the Unknown - Frozen II
  • When Will My Life Begin - Tangled
  • I See the Light - Tangled
  • Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid
  • Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid
  • Almost There - Princess and the Frog
  • Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast
  • How Far I’ll Go - Moana
  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boo - Cinderella
  • A Whole New World - Aladdin
  • Reflection - Mulan
  • Someday My Prince Will Come - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


#4 Play Princess Party Games

Every party calls for a fun activity, especially a Princess party. Waltz into the princess spirit with some magical princess party activities. Games offer an excellent opportunity for guests to play out their energy and work up an appetite for party treats. Finding the perfect birthday party games for kids is a great way to provide easy and organized fun for every party guest.


Consider some of these classic party games to keep the atmosphere fun and light:


  • Hot Potato
  • Freeze Tag
  • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Princess Pinata
  • Pin the Wings on the Fairy
  • Red Rover
  • Musical Chairs
  • Dance party


Take into account the age range of the children coming to your royal event and adjust the game difficulty as you see fit. No matter what game you choose, your party guests are sure to have a ball of a time playing in all their princess wear.


#5 Get a Bouncy Castle

Spring for an inflatable castle to keep the princess theme alive while letting guests bounce to their delight. An excellent way for children to burn energy, an inflatable castle also offers easy setup and memorable fun for all types of princes and princesses. 


Be sure to practice cautious play by abiding by age  requirements. Bouncy castles typically allow ages 6 and up. Have children go inside the castle in groups of four or less to ensure ample room for bouncing. In addition, make sure they take off their shoes (or glass slippers) before going inside. 


#6 Spend Time With Your Favorite Princess

Whether your child’s favorite princess comes from a movie, a book, or a television show, she’ll love a chance to spend time with her royal idol at the party. Entertain your guests by allowing them to step into a princess’ shoes—or even meet one in real life. 


Here are a few ways to bring some bona fide princesses to your party:


  • Invite a princess to your partyYou can hire a “Party Princess” to show up on your doorstep and surprise your child on her special day. Meeting a real-life role model can be incredibly exciting and even emotional. It can also provide long-lasting magical memories that stick with your child for a long time.

  • Movie marathon Whether you decide to hold a sit-down viewing or turn it on in the background, your child’s favorite princess movie will likely capture her attention and lead to fun-filled reenactments, sing-alongs, and plenty of daydreams.


  • StorytimeGather your guests around for a special storytime. Relive your favorite princess’s wild adventures while giving your guests something to capture their imagination. Storytime is an excellent wind-down activity that can keep your guests engaged while eating birthday cake. 


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