3 Fun & Fairy Tale Baby Beach Accessories

Going to the beach with your little girl is a one-of-a-kind experience. It can be magical to watch them discover sea creatures, splash in the waves, and build sky-high sand castles with baby beach toys for hours on end, or simply lounge in a baby beach chair. When done right, the best beach days are truly unforgettable.

But a trip to the shore requires more than baby girl swimsuits alone. To prepare for your baby’s first beach trip, you need more than baby girl clothes. You also need baby beach accessories like a baby beach tent, sun hat, beach chairs, beach towel, and other baby beach gear that will help protect your kiddo from the sun’s rays, warm them up when they’re wet from the ocean, and shade the sun from their eyes.

If you want fun, fairy tale accessories that you and your child will both agree on, take a look at the list below of three must-have accessories for any whimsical beach vacation.

#1 Magical Baby Hats

You might love relaxing all day in the sun when you go to the beach, but your growing baby isn’t quite ready for that yet. Because of their sensitive, delicate skin, babies can be much more susceptible to sunburn than adults. Babys skin also has less pigmentation in their skin, making your little girl more vulnerable to UV rays.

Fortunately, your worries about overexposing your baby to the sun can be lessened by using a baby beach sun hat.

If your little miss or mister needs a fabulous fairy tale hat, we have several baby beach essentials here at RuffleButts that fit the bill:

  • Swim hats – Our baby girl swim hats will stay on tight while your kid enjoys a fun day splashing around in the water. Made of UPF protective polyester, nylon, and spandex fabric, they’ll block harmful UV rays, keeping your kiddo safe. With lots of colors to choose from, they’re a steal at $20.00
  • Sun protective hats – If keeping your kid safe from the sun is your number one priority, try one of our sun protective hats. $18.00 is a small price to pay for knowing your child has excellent sun protection with our UPF 50+ sun-protective fabric.

With a nice wide-brimmed hat on your packing list, you can invest in good sun protection and keep the sun—and sunburn—off of your baby girl’s cheeks.

#2 Super Cute Sunglasses

When you’re relaxing on a lounge chair, the only thing you need is a pair of sunglasses to keep the glare out of your eyes. When it’s particularly bright out, your little beach-goer might want to reach for their own pair of shades, too.

A pair of baby sunglasses is essential to your baby gear list and can be a fun way to keep your kid looking trendy while also protecting their eyes from the sun’s harsh rays on a beach day.

  • If you want a fairy tale look for your beach baby, check out our little girl sunglasses in pink and white. They come with bendable frames that can stand up to your kiddo’s play for $15.00.
  • They also have shatter-resistant lenses that are FDA approved to protect your little one’s eyes from the sun.

A pair of magical shades can be the perfect way to finish off any beach look and make your baby feel like royalty. They’ll also do the important work of protecting their darling face from the sun’s UV rays.

#3 Whimsical Cover-ups

If your baby loves the ocean, you might find yourself wondering if they’re part fish. Splashing and paddling around with them all day is a wonderful experience, but eventually, you’ll have to wave goodbye to waves when it’s time to go home.

When they do get out, you’ll need something you can cover your kiddo with so they'll be comfy and dry for the next adventure.When they do get out, you’ll need something you can cover your kiddo with so they'll be comfy and dry for the next adventure. For the perfect fairy-princess cover-up to include in your baby beach bag, you could consider the selection below:

  • Our tassel kaftan cover-up – This fantastical, Orchid Tassel Kaftan Cover-Up, priced at $28.00, will brighten up any beach trip with its summer-infused colors. Plus, it will bring a smile to your face with how easy it is to clean—just throw it in the laundry machine and dry it on low.
  • Our terry cover-up – If your kiddo can’t get enough of soft fabrics, then they’re in luck. Our Rainbow Dream Stripe Ruffle Terry Cover-Up is the perfect comfort garment after a morning of ocean playtime. Add it to your beach bag for just $30.00.

Our cute cover-ups also pair perfectly with our sun-protective swimsuits for a complete beach look you and your little boy or girl will both love.

Embrace the Princess Look with RuffleButts

A day at the beach should be a time for fun and excitement for your baby girl. From splashing in the ocean with your little swimmer to playing in the sand or looking for shells, beach trips are only made better by the memories that will last a lifetime.

The right beach accessories enhance those memories even further. Make it an adventure to remember with RuffleButts. Packing fairy tale baby beach accessories in your beach bag will spread joy and smiles while keeping your child looking trendy.

Beyond the adorable styles and designs, each of our baby beach essentials are practical and protective. Our sun hats, glasses, and UPF 50+ clothing are made to shade your baby from the sun, almost like sunscreen, letting you both enjoy your beach trip to the fullest extent without worry.

See what’s causing a splash in baby beachwear. Shop swimwear and more at RuffleButts today.

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